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Anyone that knows me at all knows that I hate math. I mean … I absolutely ABHOR it. I only took as much as I needed to take … plus 1 extra year … to be able to get into the university I wanted to attend. It’s as simple as that. So … on a Friday afternoon … while on the commuter bus headed home after work and after processing statistical analyses of issues at hand (ie “word problems”) all week (yes, that’s part of my job to do MATH … eek), these are what I have to offer and how I’ve always viewed “word problems”.

I’m ready for my Friday night to start. Glen Livet awaits me at home.


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Well, let’s see, after working every single solitary day for the past 10 days approximately 10 – 11 hours each day, I get to have Saturday and Sunday off this week. Roy and I have gone out of town for our home business, which is always productive, fun, and relaxing. Hey, why do something if you don’t like it, right?

Anyway, we have wonderful friends that we are seeing with whom we always have an awesome time, because they are all just as crazy as we are. Together, we all work to better ourselves and each other. Now there’s a novel concept, eh?

I think that’s what more people in America need to learn … or maybe, more to the point, need to get back to doing. They need to learn to help themselves more and work with others that will help them become the best they can be, as opposed to sitting back with their hands out expecting someone else to just take care of them.

Step out and do something with yourselves. Do something crazy … and find friends that will work with you for the betterment of all of you. By bettering yourselves and those around you, the world will become a better place all the way around.

Do you want to know why Roy and I are successful? We step out of our comfort zone and WORK for it … that’s why.


I dedicate this post to my fellow business builders.


Carry on, all.

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This to me has seemed like a very long week.

Roy’s work schedule was changed around and there was at least one day that I left the house at 5am and didn’t get home till 9pm, only to get up the next day at 4am to do it all over again.

I needed coffee to survive.


On Monday I was quite sick with a migraine headache … and on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, my body was arguing with an abdominal migraine (yes, there is such a thing, and, yes, they’re rare in adults, and, yes, I do get them).

I’m better today after dragging myself to work every day except for Monday when I spent the day in the dark and pretended I was a bat, since any light hurt my head.  I never used to know what my mother meant when she’d say “it’s hell getting old”.  Now I do.

I’ve learned the following trick however.



Today with it being FINALLY FRIDAY and feeling much better and having  a 3-day weekend with Monday off for Veterans’ Day (they deserve it more than any other group I know out there), I’m ready to let loose.  I get THREE WHOLE DAYS OF UNMITIGATED FREEDOM where they let me out of my cubicle jail on good behaviour.  So I’m dedicating the following George Jones’ song to all of my friends out there:




I've got a hundred dollars smokin' in my billfold. 
I know I outta save it, but it's burnin' a hole 
Right through my pocket and into my skin.
Come Monday mornin', I'll be broke again.
It's Finally Friday! I'm free again!
I got my motor runnin' for a wild weekend!
It's Finally Friday! I'm out of control!
Forget the workin’ blues and let the good times roll!
I got a little sugar baby down the road.
She's sittin on a radio, rockin' n roll.
We'll dance up a storm, and later in the night,
We'll be workin' on doin’ all the wrong things right.
It's Finally Friday! I'm free again!
I got my motor runnin' for a wild weekend!
It's Finally Friday! I'm out of control!
Forget the workin’ blues and let the good times roll!
Monday, I'll be hurtin’ with my head in a vice.
Tuesday, I'll be wonderin’ if I'll ever survive.
Wednesday and, uh, Thursday, I'll be slowly tunin' in.
Friday, I'll be revvin' up my motor again.
It's Finally Friday! I'm free again!
I got my motor runnin' for a wild weekend!
It's Finally Friday! I'm out of control!
Forget the workin’ blues and let the good times roll!

George Jones














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After a long stupid and stressful day (week) at work … & on a beautiful Friday afternoon on my way home from work, I dedicate this to all of my very own MyFitnessPal weight loss buddies … and to my work buddies who were recently discussing this very same thing.



Carry on, all.


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The once Great State of California, for whom I currently work, is truly on the brink of disaster.  It is overly taxed and overly regulated and not friendly to business or to entrepreneurs.  Is it any wonder so many people are now moving out of the once Golden State?  I am a 3rd generation California Girl … and I am truly ashamed of how it has turned into a welfare state.  It’s embarrassing as a citizen of this state and as an employee of this state.  People moved here for freedom and the chance of entrepreneurship.  It is being destroyed by regulation-happy liberals.  If this state is not to go to the same fate as the City of Detroit, people must stand up and do something rather than sit idly by.  My ancestors who gave so much to move here would be appalled by the “gimme gimme gimme” attitude of so many of the people living here now.  Oh, heck, Roy and I are appalled by the “gimme gimme gimme” mentality of today.

What ever happened to good old fashioned hard work and personal responsibility rather than depending on handouts?

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So many people think that historical figures don’t understand and are “old-fashioned”.  This just says it all … and is so true.  There’s an old adage about if we don’t look at our history and learn from it, we’ll be destined to repeat it.  Roy and I would really rather not live in a time period of the “equal sharing of misery”.  We’d rather live in a time period of prosperity for all through shared work and freedom and personal responsibility.

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adults at play


It’s Friday … and I’m ready …


After a long week, this is my plan …


How about you?





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Find “X”

Find X


After spinning my wheels on several projects at work today, this is about where my brain sits right now and about all I can promise on any problem or project that I am expected to review.


Carry on, all!






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train of thought

Today is our first day of vacation.

We’re off for 3 wonderful weeks.

We need more times like this, which is why we continue to strive forward and attempt to build our own business and our own financial freedom, in spite of government intervention.







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Roy and I leave on vacation on Thursday.  Today is our last day of work for 3 weeks.  People that truly know us … know that we’ve been through financial and emotional and physical/medical *hell* the past few years.  Yet many keep saying we are “lucky” to be leaving on vacation … and “lucky” to be out of our hole.  They tell us how they wish they could go and how upset they are that they can’t.  While we don’t ever intend to be mean or obnoxious about it … we are blunt and to the point … and we are not in any sense “PC” … so … keep in mind this following statement as it is part and parcel of …

“Success Principles 101”.


Roy and I worked our frickin’ tails off to get where we are today.

We aren’t “lucky”.

We worked for it.





Carry on, all …






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