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As the #WhiteHouse occupiers (#BO and #MoochObama and their kiddos) go on yet another taxpayer-funded lavish 2 week Hawaiian holiday which the vast majority of the American public can’t afford due to being taxed into oblivion and which they can’t even begin to imagine ever doing or affording, I offer these two pictures to the idiot that blames everyone but himself. This is all I have to offer to the people who live in the #WhiteHouse but wouldn’t know what “being Presidential” or “Leadership” mean. I’ll give them one clue anyway: “The Blame Game” is not part of it. I will never consider them to be “President” or “First Lady” because neither of them know how to act the part … and believe me … they could be black, white, green, purple, or orange with turquoise polka-dots … I’d still feel the same about their demeanor and attitude. They simply are not worthy of the title or my respect.

Anyway … Merry Christmas to my friends and family that truly know what love and caring and strength and purpose and law and order are all about.

These #imposters do not. They only know how to take from and use others. Karma will not be pretty on them.

I’m now done with my rant.


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Brilliant left wing strategy:
Divide and conquer.
The folks who are getting the free stuff don’t like the folks who are paying for the free stuff, because the folks who are paying for the free stuff can no longer afford to pay for both the free stuff and their own stuff.  Then the folks who are paying for the free stuff want the free stuff to stop but the folks who are getting the free stuff want even more free stuff on top of the free stuff they are already getting!
Now … the people who are forcing the people who pay for the free stuff have told the people who are RECEIVING the free stuff that the people who are PAYING for the free stuff are being mean, prejudiced, and racist.
So … the people who are GETTING the free stuff have been convinced they need to hate the people who are paying for the free stuff by the people who are forcing some people to pay for their free stuff and giving them the free stuff in the first place.
We have let the free stuff giving go on for so long that there are now more people getting free stuff than paying for the free stuff.
Now understand this:  All great democracies have committed financial suicide somewhere between 200 and 250 years after being founded. The reason?  The voters figured out they could vote themselves money from the treasury by electing people who promised to give them money from the treasury in exchange for electing them.
The United States officially became a Republic in 1776, 236 years ago. The number of people now getting free stuff outnumbers the people paying for the free stuff.  Failure to change that spells the end of the United States as we know it.
For all of our sakes … please … TAKE A STAND!!!
Borders:  Closed!
Language:  English only
Culture:  God, Constitution, and the Bill of Rights!
Drug Free:  Mandatory Drug Screening before Welfare!
***ABSOLUTELY*** no “freebies” to Non-Citizens!

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The once Great State of California, for whom I currently work, is truly on the brink of disaster.  It is overly taxed and overly regulated and not friendly to business or to entrepreneurs.  Is it any wonder so many people are now moving out of the once Golden State?  I am a 3rd generation California Girl … and I am truly ashamed of how it has turned into a welfare state.  It’s embarrassing as a citizen of this state and as an employee of this state.  People moved here for freedom and the chance of entrepreneurship.  It is being destroyed by regulation-happy liberals.  If this state is not to go to the same fate as the City of Detroit, people must stand up and do something rather than sit idly by.  My ancestors who gave so much to move here would be appalled by the “gimme gimme gimme” attitude of so many of the people living here now.  Oh, heck, Roy and I are appalled by the “gimme gimme gimme” mentality of today.

What ever happened to good old fashioned hard work and personal responsibility rather than depending on handouts?

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not hiring due to obamacare


Working in the government as I do currently, people who don’t really know me think that I have the same “government mentality” that most government workers have.  I do not.  I have my own private business.  I worked in private industry for years.  I understand how difficult it is to operate a truly viable business.   The problem that I see with most government workers is that no one knows how true business works, because they’ve never worked in a place that had to make a profit to survive.  This is why government is so unwieldy as well as unaccountable and why government cannot seem to ever get anything done under budget or on time.  It’s also why government does not understand how putting massive constraints on private business (like this idiotic “Obummer-care”) will force even more hiring freezes on private industry and bring business growth to a standstill.

Just sayin’ …

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Anyone that knows even basic economics knows that you must have more income than outgo for something to be viable … be it an individual household or a business or government.  Unfortunately, “big government” doesn’t really understand this … and thinks taxation will solve that.  The problem there is that it will then give less income for the taxpayers (individuals or business) so their outgo will be less and it ends up being a downward spiral.  Being a state government analyst, I can see the workings from the inside of government that depends on taxation to survive.  While some government is a necessary thing, it needs to be limited to allow for individuals and businesses to grow and prosper and to curb government glut and government waste.  If Economist Milton Friedman says this … perhaps people should think.

“Free” immigration isn’t just a simple thing.  It’s never “free”.  Who is it “free” for?  What does the “free” provide?  Where is the benefit of the “free”?


Think about it … and carry on …

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Yes, we were targeted.

There’s nothing more to add.

This was posted from WordPress for BlackBerry on Jill’s BlackBerry. Carry on!

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Roy and I currently live in California … the most tax-happy state in the USA.  It’s strangling us and our entrepreneurial spirit as well as our strong support of our 2nd Amendment rights.  California, while being a beautiful state, is burying us in taxes.  It just isn’t worth it, quite honestly.

Texas, on the other hand, strongly supports business and the Bill of Rights.

Texas is also a very beautiful state.  I lived there for a while as a kid.  I’d move back in a heartbeat.


texas jail


Perhaps that is why we are looking to move to Texas when we retire.





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“Let me tell you how it will be.  There’s 1 for you, 19 for me, ‘cuz I’m the Tax Man.  Yeah, I’m the Tax Man.  Should 5% appear too small, be thankful I don’t take it all, ‘cuz I’m the Tax Man.  Yeah, I’m the Tax Man.  If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street.  If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat.  If you get too cold, I’ll tax the heat.  If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet.  Tax Man!  I’m the Tax Man.  Yeah, I’m the Tax Man.  Don’t ask me what I want it for if you don’t want to pay some more, ‘cuz I’m the Tax Man.  Yeah, I’m the Tax Man.  Now my advice for those who die (TAX MAN), declare the pennies on your eyes (TAX MAN), ‘cuz I’m the Tax Man.  Yeah, I’m the Tax Man, and you’re working for no one but me.  Tax Man!”  George Harrison

We dedicate this old classic Beatles song to BO, his family, his leeches, his fools, his cronies, and his thugs.

I wish I could say that we have “taxation with representation” but we no longer do, because the vast majority of the elected politicos have absolutely no concept of who they are supposed to represent … or what they represent … other than themselves and their gaping pocketbooks … so they tax anything that moves … or doesn’t move … and think that the citizenry is ok with that.  The citizenry is not.  The problem is … the vast majority of the citizenry has no ability to stop it or knowledge of how to stop it, and they have no energy left after paying for BO and his family of fools to go on vacation several times a month … while they wonder if they will *ever* have the chance to take a vacation … and they work till they drop as part of BO’s new “slave class” that is supposed to work and hand over all their very hard earned money.

“Should 5% appear too small, be thankful I don’t take it all, ‘cuz I’m the Tax Man.”

Roy and I are going on vacation the end of April … the first one we’ve been able to take in over FIVE YEARS.  However, we have fools in DC that think taking a vacation every month is ok … and that doing it lavishly at the expense of the taxpayer is acceptable.  Do they think that we all are able to do that?  Very few can take any vacations at all other than staying home and hoping to make ends meet, let alone even dream of one vacation a year … as opposed to one vacation a month.

“Don’t ask me what I want it for if you don’t want to pay some more, ‘cuz I’m the Tax Man.”

Roy and I have been hit with MASSIVE tax bills in the past few years due to several financial issues/setbacks that we encountered … that would pay for small vacations for us but are a drop in the bucket for the ungrateful and out-of-touch idiots that are currently occupying the White House.  We’d love to spend the money that we earn on us being able to take even a short vacation to Tahoe or Disneyland, let alone lavish vacations, rather than giving it to the political leeches taking opulent vacations and hosting wild birthday parties for Moochelle but not allowing the public in on tours of the White House.

We are curious.

What are they hiding in the White House?  What is it they are doing in there that they suddenly have closed “The People’s House” to the public?  It isn’t “Sequestration”, because they’re able to cover their wild lifestyle with tax money so they could cover tours of the White House with it also.

Curiouser and curiouser.

So … we get a bit worked up when they dip in our pocket so they can go on dream trips while we work ourselves to the bone so that we can owe more money than we did before.

“Yeah, I’m the Tax Man, and you’re working for no one but me.”

Guess again, Limousine Leftist Liberals that are living on the taxpayer dole.  You work for the taxpayer … not the other way around … and we, the taxpayers, find your lavish lifestyle selfish, arrogant, and downright abhorrent.


 government glut






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“When Uncle Sam dips in your pocket, for most things you don’t mind, but when your dollar goes to all of those standin’ in a welfare line, … you have a voice if you’re concerned about the destination of this great nation.”  Garth Brooks

not a victim 

We understand that occasionally someone might need assistance through no fault of their own.  We also understand that certain people may have disabilities and medical issues that we as a society need to help.  However, there should be a limit to the time and amount that someone should receive it if they are capable of getting out and working.

 societal leech

We can’t understand where so many people get the idea that something is “free”.  It’s not ever “free”.  Someone had to work and pay for whatever it is, and their hard work and money was taken from them to hand out.  While most of us that are working have no issue helping those that TRULY need it, we do have an issue having to forgo things that it seems others feel they are entitled to be handed “free”.  Like we say, we understand those that need help.  My Keegan was one of those disabled chronically ill that needed assistance.  However, we took care of it and didn’t ask for government handouts because we could take care of it ourselves.  We didn’t look for handouts.  We just looked for a fair shot at taking care of our family.  We are willing to help those, however, that can’t if need be.  Nevertheless, many that don’t take care of their needs can … but won’t.

It’s appalling that they feel they are that entitled to cradle-to-grave care by others.

Get up. Get out.  Do something for yourself.  Don’t expect us to take care of us, our family, and you.  Stop being so lazy.

foodstamps and iphone

Again, the “handouts” aren’t “free”.  They’d only be “free” if there was absolutely no time, effort, or expenditure put out for them.  So we ask …

Free for whom?






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As we go into “Taxmageddon Weekend” before we all must pay the piper on Monday, April 15, 2013, we are reminded of the old term, “Snake Oil Salesman”. 

snake oil

Yup.  That would define BO for sure.

Since when did we ever claim to be “PC”?

We aren’t sheeple.

We never will be.






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