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  bambi 1

 That’s what many people think of when they hear the word, “deer” (unless they’re hunters).

  bambi 2


  bambi 3

… are not, at least in our not-so-humble opinions, …


 bambi 4

… particularly out on country roads …

 rural scene

… as they tend to jump out at *very* inopportune times in front of unsuspecting vehicles.

 bambi 6


bambi 7 

This causes much damage to said vehicle and the cost is very …


U.S. Coins and Paper Money 

… as in costly … and not as in … 


bambi 9 

It also generally makes said


bambi 10 

… very …


bambi 11 

Where Roy and I live up in the Sierra foothills, there are a *lot* of wild animals. We’re used to it. For the most part, they don’t bother us.  There are bears, mountain lions, coyotes, jackrabbits, squirrels, raccoons, etc etc etc.  We even have our share of rattlesnakes … but they have never bothered us, just as long as we don’t bother them.  We’re good with that.

bambi 12


bambi 13

… however … are *very* bothersome and tend to like to get in our way.

People in the cities think they’re *cute* (which they can be) and gentle (which they also can be). However, they can cause a lot of very costly damage.  Just ask us … we know.

Roy was on his way to work for some overtime this past Saturday.  We’re good with that.  Since he just started this job and the economy has been sucky (it’s a good word when you don’t want to swear) and finances for us for the past many years have been equally sucky … well … any offered overtime is good.  So he’s merrily headed to work because the overtime money will definitely help us out and doing a nice respectable 50 MPH on a 55 MPH road at approximately 8:20 AM this past Saturday, when, out of nowhere, a deer races down the hill and jumps right in front of Roy’s truck.

 bambi 14


bambi 15 

Now … while I feel sorry for the deer … I feel much sorrier for Roy, for the truck, and for our bank account, particularly when our bank account is still reeling from the past several years.  Now … first and foremost in MY mind at least is … Roy is ok … which is good with me because he’d be much more expensive to fix … and impossible for me to replace.

bambi 16 

Anyway, he hit this stupid deer that apparently had a death wish on Saturday morning.  The truck was still drivable so he went to work and figured we’d deal with it this week. So he brought it to the body shop on Tuesday.


First they say $700.  While we didn’t like that … it could have been worse.  Ok fine.  We’re ok.

bambi 17 

We’ll deal with it.

We should have known not to celebrate too soon.  Two days later they called back.

“Oh, we found more.  It’s going to be about $1100.”

WHAT?  Ok well that was our first assumption that it’d be about that … and our insurance deductible is high to keep our costs low so we figured … fine … we’ll *still* deal with it and just eat sparsely for the remainder of the month.  We are working on weight loss anyway, aren’t we?

Feet on a Scale 

So today they called again … which made Roy decide to go in and confront them because … well … now it’s up to $1500 … because apparently said deer …

bambi 19 

… wasn’t dear …

bambi 20

… and cracked the AC unit as well as shoved it into the frame (or something like that anyway).

bambi 21 

We don’t like deer …

bambi 22

… no matter how cute Bambi is.

bambi 23 

Geez … it would have been nice if at least the overtime amounts had covered the damage to the truck … and not made it so we’ve thought … well geez, it would have been cheaper had Roy just stayed home.  Oh well.  Life goes on.

So anywho …

… as you all know … I love my music … all kinds … and guess what good ol’ Frankie gave us … a great philosophy to follow here:

“I’ve been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn, and a king. I’ve been up and down and over and out, and I know one thing. Each time I find myself flat on my face, I pick myself up and get back in the race. That’s life. I tell you I can’t deny it. I thought of quittin’, baby, but my heart just ain’t gonna buy it.” Frank Sinatra

This is just another one of those basic success principles we were taught as children.  It doesn’t matter HOW many times you get knocked down in life and end up flat on your face.  Get right back up and carry on for your heart’s sake, your peace of mind, and your self-image.  Quitting is not an option. It certainly won’t help you win.  Getting up and carrying on is what will. 

Don’t *ever* be a quitter.

Pick yourself up.

Dust yourself off.

Start all over again.


We’ll figure it out … no matter what.

Remember … “A champion is someone who gets up even when he can’t.”  Curt Goad

Carry on, all … NO MATTER WHAT.

(We still don’t like deer.)

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Roy worked in downtown Boston for many years, just blocks from where the historic Boston Marathon and the cowardly attack occurred.  He and I are heartsick over what occurred there.  He is irate.  He knows the area personally.  He knows people that were there and in it.  His family is nearby.  Childhood friends are nearby.  Coworkers are nearby.  We are appalled at the devastation.  We are appalled at the attacker(s) cowardice.

Without a doubt, the attack was cowardly.

Yes … that’s right … *COWARDLY*.

*Cowards* don’t show their faces.

*Cowards* hide rather than stand and fight.

*Cowards* don’t try to work things out.

*Cowards* don’t address issues face-to-face.

*COWARDS* attack innocent people.

That’s true of the 9-11 attacks also … & any other terrorist attack that has occurred around the world.


Plain, flat, and simple


We, as Americans, will not be deterred.  We are not cowards. Do not underestimate our fighter spirit.  Many may have become complacent and lazy due to a relatively calm domestic political life … but when put to the test … the pioneer spirit … the “live free or die” spirit … the fighter spirit … the “don’t mess with me” spirit … the spirit of their ancestors … will rise full bore and the USA *will* fight back.  That’s what makes our country great.  That’s what makes our country successful.

Americans to the core are not cowards like the attackers are and were.

Boston, our support is with you.  Remember Bunker Hill.  Remember Paul Revere.  Remember your history.  FIGHT BACK.  The rest of the country is backing you, all the way to the California Sierra foothills in the middle of the Gold Country … to the Alamo in Texas … to the frozen tundra of Alaska … to wherever in this country you might be able to name.

Stand up and FIGHT!

Don’t let cowards take the fight from you.


Don’t let even our government take your fighting spirit or ability from you.


Don’t let ANYONE take the fight from you. 


Roy and I … as well as people around the country and around the world … have your backs.


Our ancestors … *YOUR* ancestors … are backing you.


It doesn’t matter how hard it is.


Success is achieved in business, life, politics, or personally in this manner.




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Up in the Sierras, where Roy and I live, we are in one of the last bastions of conservative thought (and a redneck or two) found in the craziness, the “Pacific Blue”, and the “Baywatch” that would be considered “California”.  We love our lives.  We have all of the refugees from the liberal world that thinks taxing everyone into oblivion is the way to make things “better”.

 Guess what?

The liberal world is wrong.

So anyway, we used to live in the PC world of the sheeple that like to live in suburgatory.

We are not of those and do not feel we need to be “PC” to suit their needs.

Every so often, when we lived in the overly nosey “keep up with the Jones’ world” of suburgatorians, we felt a need just to “stir the pot”.

Who?  Us?  Stir things up?  Hmmm … well … yes, as a matter of fact … that does sound like us.

 bury stuff

Down there, they’d be guessing.

Up where we live now, they’d think we were doing some night-time gardening.

… perhaps anyway …






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