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My newest pet peeve term:


What an idiotic overly PC phrase.

Please, people … just stay away from others when you are sick … like you should do anyway. This isn’t a new concept. I would like to think your parents taught you that growing up.


It goes with:


CLOSURE (when grieving)


Those are all lazy PC terms.

There. I said it AND I MEANT IT.

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I don’t know who originally wrote this or I’d give credit where credit is due.  It was anonymous when I received it as an email forward from a friend.  I generally don’t use email forwards but this is not only telling of current societal and cultural issues but also sad and unfortunately right on the mark for many that are your basic salt-of-the-earth citizens.




I used to think I was just a regular guy, but …..

I was born white, which now, whether I like it or not, makes me a racist.

I am a fiscal and moral conservative, which by today’s standards, makes me a fascist.

I am heterosexual, which according to gay folks, now makes me a homophobic.

I am non-union, which makes me a traitor to the working class and an ally of big business.

I am a Christian, which now labels me as an infidel.

I believe in the 2nd Amendment, which now makes me a member of the vast gun lobby.

I am older than 60, which makes me a bit less than I used to be.

I think and I reason, therefore I doubt much that the main stream media tells me, which must make me a reactionary.

I am proud of my heritage and our inclusive American culture, which makes me a xenophobe.

I value my safety and that of my family and I appreciate the police and the legal system, which makes me a right-wing extremist.

I believe in hard work, fair play, and fair compensation according to each individual’s merits, which today makes me an anti-socialist.

I believe in the defense and protection of the homeland for and by all citizens, which now makes me a militant.

Recently, a sick old woman called me and my friends “a basket of deplorables”.

I need to thank all my friends for sticking with me through these abrupt, newfound challenges in my life and my thinking!

I just can’t imagine or understand what’s happened to me so quickly!

Funny . . . it’s all just taken place over the last 8 years!

And if all this crap wasn’t enough to deal with, I’m now afraid to go into either restroom!


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The current fear so many businesses have for liability and lawsuits is truly a sign of the times. Everyone and everything is so “PC” now that even if you mention a company name in a blogpost in a positive manner and tag them out of courtesy so they’ll know what is being said about them, they or even other companies with which they are affiliated might get worked into a knot and think someone might be out to “get” them if they’re tagged in a post and a second party “misconstrues” what was stated. It amazes me quite honestly.  

Whenever I post things about Roy, me, our lives and opinions, and things we’re involved with, I give *OUR* opinions and make sure I state that it is in fact *OUR* opinions. We don’t make false claims or statements. We merely give our experiences and our thoughts.

I guess however in this overly paranoid culture, many people can’t see past their own biases to understand that. The fact that something, someone, or some place may help Roy and me through massive life issues (financial as well as personal) and help us step out of our own personal comfort zones to work toward something good in our own personal lives is apparently not something some people can understand as merely an update on us and not an “end-all be-all” for them to follow. They don’t get that when we mention what we do and believe about a particular company or business … when we state how it has helped us … that doesn’t make it the only way. They don’t get that it doesn’t mean all things will be fair and equal.
Guess what, everyone? Nothing in life is fair or equal. NOTHING!!!!!! Roy and I learned that in kindergarten. Oh hell. We learned that when we were still babies. 

It saddens me that culture and society have become so politically correct and so paranoid and so lawsuit happy that they’ve made a positive in Roy’s and my lives a reason for business partners to believe they might suffer an attack by someone unable to understand that simple concept. We aren’t blaming the business need to protect itself. Cultural paranoia has simply made it so we cannot credit (tag) a group that has helped Roy and me via a simple POSITIVE post. Someone might (possibly, maybe, could be, but we’re not sure) assume that they will automatically get the same results … even if they don’t do or believe the way we do.

I’ll end with this though.  

If you’re talking about Roy, me, or our businesses … good, bad, or indifferent … by all means … TAG US. We’d rather know what’s being said. We want to be part of the conversation. At least then we know we’re on your minds. 

TAG!!!!!! YOU’RE IT!!!!!!


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Ok, I have a new pet peeve regarding popular and over-used “phrases-of-the-day”.  Verbal crutches that people use over-and-over and that they copy from each other just tell me how limited their vocabulary and their intelligence truly are. 


One of my BIGGEST “pet peeve” comments is when the media or other people talk about another person getting “closure” in a loved one’s death.  I’ve written about this before.  Sorry, people that state this, I hate to burst your teeny tiny minuscule little idiotic bubble (well, maybe I don’t hate bursting it since it’s such a stupid thing to say), but there IS no closure when someone near and dear and much beloved dies.  If you say this, you have either never truly loved someone that has died or you’re just cold-hearted about death.  A grieving person learns to move forward.  They learn to enjoy life in spite of their pain and grief. They do NOT however get closure ever.  NEVER.  End of subject.  Period.  The end.


The 2nd one that irritates me is one I’ve never written about … but at some point in time I may say more … or I may simply just state it here and now alone.  I can’t say for sure.

Anyway, I can’t STAND it when people use the worn out and over-used: “it is what it is”.  No.  Nothing just “is”.  You can always make a choice to accept, move forward, adjust, and make changes to whatever “is”.  Someone thinking that something just “is” illustrates to me an extremely defeatist attitude.  An individual either is accepting, adjusting, and improving their lives … or they are stagnating and going backward.  So if it just “is what it is” … then stagnation has set in … and that’s not something Roy or I will ever allow in our lives.  If we don’t like something that “is”, we’ll adjust it as needed to an “isn’t” and move forward in life.


Then finally … my newest “pet peeve” crutch phrase is this over-used phrase-of-the-minute: to “reach out” to someone for information (or whatever).  I guess it’s the new fancy way of saying someone is asking for information, help, whatever.  How about just ask or comment?  In my mind, when someone “reaches out”, it’s a physical thing.  A hand reaches out and physically touches something … but comments and questions simply cannot physically do that.  Remember the Diana Ross song “reach out and touch … somebody’s hand … make this world a better place … if you can”?  That was talking about something physical and not about asking for information or advising someone of something.  

Believe me when I say here that if I “reach out”, I’m going to be touching something physically … be it to pick up an item or to touch someone I love and care about or to strike out at someone that has physically put me or those I care about in danger.  It may be a “nice” reaching out to touch, for example, my husband or my children … or it may be a “fight back” reaching out against a would-be attacker.  I won’t just “reach out” randomly however.  If I’m “reaching out”, the person will know why.  I won’t be cloaking it in politically-correct mumbo-jumbo terminology.


I guess my point in all of this is that I simply want to ask the following questions.  Why does everyone feel they need to be all fancy-dancy with their words and make up things like:

1.  “getting closure” in a death? 

2.  being too lazy to change or fix or adjust to what they can in life, therefore dubbing “it is what it is”?

3.  “reaching out” in words when really they are just communicating, asking, commenting, stating, etc? 


Is liberal culture trying to now be so politically correct (gag me) that it can’t accept that people grieve following the death of a loved one like I do for my son, Keegan, who died 14 years ago this coming May 30th (even though I’ve learned to adjust, carry on, and move forward in life, changing how I operate in life) … or that it can’t accept that something isn’t “just what it is” and situations can in fact be handled, changed, corrected, and/or overcome … or that it has become so afraid of asking, communicating, commenting, stating, taking a stand, whatever, that it must therefore “reach out” just in case the other party might get their fragile feelings hurt and go into a rampage and/or pout about someone not being PC?  It’s pathetic … plain, flat, and simple.


Guess what?  Here’s my not-so-humble and un-PC opinion and philosophy.








Life is messy.  Things happen.  People grieve.  Individual situations change and grow as life is lived.  Help and information is requested.  Opinions are stated.


Carry on and do what it takes to get through whatever challenges come … but embrace the ups-and-downs and adjust your life with them so that you move forward in life rather than stagnate. 


… and guess what else??????




There.  I said it.  I meant it.


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As the #WhiteHouse occupiers (#BO and #MoochObama and their kiddos) go on yet another taxpayer-funded lavish 2 week Hawaiian holiday which the vast majority of the American public can’t afford due to being taxed into oblivion and which they can’t even begin to imagine ever doing or affording, I offer these two pictures to the idiot that blames everyone but himself. This is all I have to offer to the people who live in the #WhiteHouse but wouldn’t know what “being Presidential” or “Leadership” mean. I’ll give them one clue anyway: “The Blame Game” is not part of it. I will never consider them to be “President” or “First Lady” because neither of them know how to act the part … and believe me … they could be black, white, green, purple, or orange with turquoise polka-dots … I’d still feel the same about their demeanor and attitude. They simply are not worthy of the title or my respect.

Anyway … Merry Christmas to my friends and family that truly know what love and caring and strength and purpose and law and order are all about.

These #imposters do not. They only know how to take from and use others. Karma will not be pretty on them.

I’m now done with my rant.


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I get really tired of people on one side of the political aisle that want to silence those of us that think differently and dare to speak our minds.


Guess what, any detractors and censors out there? Just ask my family and friends. I will say what I believe to be true NO MATTER WHAT … till the end of time.


The politically correct liberal thought police out there will never stop that. I am not now and I never will be one of their stooges. Period. (Oh and guess what, gang? *My* “period” truly MEANS “period” … unlike the idiot BO currently occupying the White House.)




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Roy and I have noticed the habit that many people have adopted, which is excusing boorish behavior when it comes to athletes, actors, politicians, etc – essentially anyone that is in the public eye or when the person in question is a “minority”. Now maybe we aren’t being politically correct here, but, like we have said before, neither Roy nor I will be politically correct when it comes down to “rightness” and “fairness” and “truth”. Unfortunately, sometimes the truth hurts, but the only way someone can correct a wrong is to hear the truth and to take the mental blows. Whether or not someone is a “celebrity” or a “minority” has absolutely nothing to do with anything. We don’t look at color. What we look at is true inner character.

Look at Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks, for example. He is the most recent public figure that exhibited obnoxious behavior for all to witness. Surely he has come through adversity and has made something of himself. For that, we commend him. There are others that have done the same thing. We each have our cross to bear and our demons to fight and our issues to overcome. Admittedly, some have more than others, but we would never judge what another may or may not have endured to get to where they are now. Certainly, I’ve had my share of things, as has Roy. We wouldn’t judge other people as we wouldn’t want them to judge us. Nevertheless, if the vast majority of people acted anywhere close to how Mr. Sherman did on live TV minutes after winning a championship game, shouting into a camera and putting down another player, taking all of the credit for a TEAM effort and diminishing what the Seahawks did together, they would have been told to grow up, to deal with their anger management issues, to be more humble, to learn to take the heat when under pressure. However, when Mr. Sherman chose to do that and was rightfully admonished by the majority of Americans (and the world, for that matter) for acting like a spoiled brat, everyone is now being told to “cut him some slack because he grew up in a poor neighborhood and is black”.

I don’t know about all of you, but I do know how Roy and I feel. We come from what others might call the quintessential white Anglo-Saxon Protestant American Caucasian background. We grew up in the working middle class. If any of our children, family, friends, co-workers, or whoever had done something similar, personally we’d be not only appalled by them but embarrassed for how they tarnished their legacy. If we’d done that when we were younger, there would have been hell to pay with our parents. We both would have been more afraid of our parents than anything someone could do to us on a football field.

Surely fighting through a terrible school system and getting out of the mean streets of Compton, CA, to go to Stanford and then play in the NFL is an accomplishment for Richard Sherman. Actually, it’s a massive accomplishment. Surely doing all sorts of good works in the community is commendable. However, standing in front of a live microphone and a rolling camera and shouting into it nearly demolished everything for which he worked. Excusing it away as “ok” because of where he came from is only perpetuating the lie … the lie that it’s “ok” for those that come from a poor background to act like spoiled brats with no consequences because “life was hard for them growing up”. It’s the “poor, poor, pitiful me” syndrome. In our opinion, if someone wants to play in the big leagues … both literally and figuratively … and be a part of what America has to offer anyone that works for it, then that same person has to learn how to act like a productive and caring member of society and not like a spoiled brat.

Life isn’t fair. I learned that a long time ago. My mother and father taught me that when I was a child. If life were fair, my middle child would still be alive. If life were fair, Roy and I wouldn’t have gone through massive financial set-backs, most of which were not caused by us but by less-than-scrupulous people, companies, and the IRS that tried to take us down. We could have lashed out, yelling life isn’t fair, that we’re better than that, and that everyone else owed us. We didn’t. We got in the trenches and FOUGHT to overcome it. We had some wonderful mentors and team members that helped us navigate through it. We are now doing ok. People now try to tell us that we’re “lucky”, but we aren’t. We worked like pack mules for every last cent we have right now. Richard Sherman has worked for his also. He wasn’t “lucky” either. He had loving, caring, giving parents who worked to help him move forward, but he still had to do the work and get himself out of it. Mr. Sherman did that, just as we have.

However, be that as it may, it doesn’t give him or us a “pass” to be jerks on national and international TV, blowing to bits every single thing that was overcome. Mr. Sherman, like us, worked diligently to get out of a bad situation. He does good things with his life now. That’s a great credit to his work ethic, but bellowing into a camera certainly doesn’t help showcase what has been done or illustrate to others in a similar situation the right way to be in life.

So, in our minds, trying to say that people reacted to what he said and did was because they’re “racist” is nothing short of ludicrous. I don’t care if you’re white, black, pink, blue, or chartreuse with orange polka-dots. If you’re being a jerk … YOU ARE BEING A JERK. Own up to it. Don’t make excuses. Fix the problem. Don’t blame everyone else. Don’t continually pull the “race card”.


If I had done this … or anyone of any other race had done it … people would have reacted the same way … that we’re being boorish, rude, and insensitive. It’s humanity reacting to humanity, not one race or political group reacting to another. This boils down to a group of human beings telling an individual human being that they’re being an obnoxious, shameful, foolish jerk. Period. Like we said above, we’d react the same way to a spouse, our children, our family, and/or our friends. Oh, hell, our children would be more afraid of our reaction than what any opponent on a football field could do or say to them. That’s pretty true of most any of our family and friends. We hold ourselves to a very high standard. So should Mr. Sherman. Boorish behavior shouldn’t be excused away. Boorish behavior is simply BOORISH BEHAVIOR, no matter where you grew up or what you’ve been through in life. Continually pulling that “race card” is childish … plain, flat, and simple.


Therefore, we would like to address the following specifically to Mr. Sherman, although others that like to blame anyone but themselves for things that they themselves do can take to heart for their own individual circumstances what we say.

“Yes, Mr. Sherman, you worked long and hard to get out of the streets of Compton and to better your life as well as that of your family. You’ve accomplished a lot. Nevertheless, you were being a rude, insensitive, boorish, self-centered loud-mouth acting like a spoiled brat when you bellowed into Erin Andrews’ microphone and looked into Fox Network’s TV camera. Admit it. Don’t make excuses. Act like an adult and shoulder the responsibility. Then, after doing so, work on fixing whatever the issue within yourself is so it doesn’t happen again, so that people can see the character you truly wish to portray and not the image you have worked so hard to overcome.”

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Oh dear *GOD*, the PC crowd and the lamestream media make me laugh. They are pathetic, to say the least. I was told today by someone I barely know I should try to be more “PC” and “fit in”. They don’t like my political posts and/or views. So as the last working day of the year comes to a close, I offer this:


I will *perhaps* if they will … but don’t hold your breath on that.

I wish you a prosperous new year full of freedom and without government intervention, without censorship, without the thought police, and without the politically correct BS crowd.


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We’ve said this before, but the name-calling that the oh-so-liberal “progressives” and “tolerant” crowd (or so they all like to tell themselves they are) levels at those of us that think differently from them is nothing short of amazing.


There are a lot of beliefs people have that we don’t share, but it doesn’t make us belittle and/or insist that they must believe as we do and follow the thought-police party line.  People that do this are far more bigoted and dangerous to freedoms than the people they attack.


Being truly “tolerant” means accepting everyone, even when you may disagree with them.  It means allowing someone their right to free speech whether they believe like you do or not.


Guess what, Liberals, Progressives, and those self-proclaimed “Beautiful People” out there?  That means, *YOU TOO*!!!  Just because you choose to not believe what the Bible teaches or what Phil Robertson believes doesn’t mean it’s wrong.  It’s called “diversity”.  It’s called “difference in opinion”.  It’s called “individualism”.  You know … what all of you are so hot and bothered about attempting to enforce by shoving your beliefs down other people’s throats.  Diversity and TOLERANCE is something that you need to learn first before you can tell anyone else what to do.

By the way … as a side note … we find people like the Robertsons that are true to themselves by far and away more beautiful than the Limousine Liberals can ever dream of being.

Quite honestly, we are proud of Phil Robertson.  He, like us, doesn’t bend and sway with the political pendulum.  He has his beliefs and STICKS TO THEM rather than changing them just to please someone who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about him otherwise.  He stays true to himself, and we would be PROUD to be lucky enough to know him personally and call him a friend.


Just because he doesn’t believe the same way as another person, however, doesn’t mean he is leveling hate at them.  The name-calling that he is enduring is by far more hateful than what he said.  He merely disagrees with certain life choices and agrees with the Bible.  It doesn’t mean he hates the person.  That’s pretty clear to us, at least, but I guess A&E is too entrenched in Holly-Weird.  A&E feels the need to sway with the political mores of the time rather than be true to MANY beliefs.  It’s sad.


So we will end with this.

We have both always believed that the whole world can think we are wrong, but if *we* know we are right, well then, WE ARE RIGHT!


Oh, yeah, and our “period” MEANS “period” unlike the idiot BO.


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You know something? On this Christmas Eve, I am amazed by how many people think it’s best to “fit in” and “follow the crowd”. Why is this so? God made each of us to be a special being and to give our own special qualities to better the world and those around us. Being like the crowd and bending whichever way the cultural wind blows isn’t truly living life and giving of yourself. Don’t squelch your true soul. Let it shine and LIVE life. Be in the moment. What has being “PC” ever gotten anyone, other than a bland vanilla life?





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