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Merry Christmas from our house to yours …


… Talulah (Russian Blue “watch cat”), Pandora (multi-colored California speckled “people cat”), Outback (Australian Cattle Dog, aka “CrazyDog”,which is said as all one word), Roy, and Jill …


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Everyone has things they have to do every day.  Many of us find it useful, particularly when we’re trying to accomplish things in life, to make “to do” lists.  No matter how big, how small, or how much we think we’ll remember it, making a list is the key to success and getting everything done that you want to get done.


cat to do list


This is true if we’re a human … a cat … or whatever … we must know what we need to do every day to move our plan forward in life.

My cats have this same list and occasionally they’ll add in a few other things just because they know they have to get more done that particular day.

We all need to do the same.








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here kitty kitty


Roy and I have had many cats since we’ve been together.

We had many cats before we got together.

We love our cats dearly.

They all have different personalities and needs.

However, we also both know … all kitty cats are the same.




Big or Small


Striped or Solid

 Trash Can Talulah

In Cold Weather or In Hot Weather


People Oriented or Independent


Wild or Domestic

… or …


Cat in a Box

They all love to get into a box.






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… they’d look like this …




I’m glad I’ve learned in my “being healthier” quest how to eat fast food in moderation.










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Hogging The Bed

This completely illustrates our cats … and what happens at night.  If the cats and the dog could get along, I’m sure they would all be up there with us, but there would be too much hissing and growling and yowling and barking at night if we allowed them to all sleep there.  


The dog sleeps on her pillow in her kennel … and … well … and the cats sleep wherever they darn well please, which is stretched all the way across the bed with us hanging off the sides.  If they could get the tips of their noses on one side of the bed and the tips of their tails on the other side, I’m sure they would, just … well … just because they are THE CAT.


sleeping cats


We do have one blonde stripey kitty cat.  We have one that LOVES to sleep on her back but she’s grey.  Then we have one grey tabby that just likes to be in the middle of everything.


Hey, this picture is pretty dang close to Roy’s and my respective hair colors too.








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In keeping with the “instant bitch” post of yesterday …

… always remember the following:

if you’re ever having a bad day …

… here is our opinion ..




Cuddling a nice soft warm purring kitty cat will ALWAYS help.









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As I’ve said already, Roy and I have a love for our pets.  They are our current “children at home” since the human ones have left the nest.  A friend sent me this link … and it matches our pets to a “T”.





First … there’s Outback …

who thinks *EVERYONE* is her friend …

… *SUCH* a “watchdog” … 

… she barks more at us than anyone or anything else …

… but she’s adorable …

… and she’ll do anything if you’ll give her love or throw her ball …



Outback 1












Then there are our cats.





Talulah would fit the picture above the best in personality …

… but that cat LOOKS most like Pandora …

… however, personality-wise, Spike comes in a close second …

… with Pandora (the friendliest of the kitties, following along …

They all think they can do anything.

So with all of that … we offer these pictures …

… because they give us way funnier pictures than the dopey dog does.



North El Dorado-20111230-00153

No … you *CANNOT* see the kitty cat …


Computer Aged Spike

… delete delete delete delete … those damn typos …



I am Queen Pandora … bow down …


Trash Can Talulah

There’s nothing to see here.  Move along, now.  The kitty is busy.





… DANG it’s cold outside …













“Can I help you?  Did you require assistance?  I’m quite busy up here with my hard hat, clipboard, and cup of coffee, supervising you peons that are supposed to be feeding me and cleaning out my box.  Now get back to work, human.”


We do love our animals … whether they’re our best friend …

… like Outback …

… or …

…  whether they tolerate our existence …

… like Talulah, Spike, and Pandora …



We used to have 5 cats … at least we’re down to 3 now only.

I think I need another barn cat.

I’m sure that Roy needs another dog too.









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