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I thank God for allowing me to be blessed with three amazing children I gave birth to and one equally as amazing son-in-law.  I am not sure who has learned more from the experience of being there as you all have moved through life, me or you, but I’m blessed to be considered your mother/mother-in-law.  Even with 3 of you now as adults and 1 of you waiting in heaven for me, you are all miracles in your own right. 

Happy Mama’s Day from your Mama!  I love you all more than words can express.  💕 

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… that … just … THAT …


I love you all unconditionally. 




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On this Mother’s Day, I dedicate this to my 3 children as well as to my amazing mother. 
I love you all unconditionally. 

💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗


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I have nothing more to add. This pretty much says it all.

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My kids learned this young.  They learned that, while our house was a “democracy”, they each had one vote and, since there were 3 kids, I had 4 votes, so they could either vote along with me or be voted out of power.

Roy came along later in their lives and learned the rules of the house upfront.  The kids also learned that he had as much a vote in things as I did and that we worked as a team, so they couldn’t try to play one of us against the other.


“Well, MOM said I could go to the party.”

Fine … go get your mom and have her tell both you and me together that you can go.

“Oh … hmmm …”

Yeah, that’s what I thought.


“But ROY said it was ok.”

Great … Roy and you can come in here together and tell me that.

“Oh … wait …”

Yeah, that’s what I thought.


We work well as a team.

Nevertheless, he also knows this … I am always right … and even if I’m not right … I’ll argue like I am … and I’ll win no matter what … and if I’m not right, then it is someone else’s fault.

It works well.

I like it.

I hope you know this is our light-hearted joking (somewhat … LOL) sarcasm here.


 Happy Mother’s Day to me!









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prepare not protect


The goal of any parent should be to prepare their children for what lies ahead for them in life.  If they merely protect them, the “child” will not know what to do when life’s trials and tribulations hit.

Prepare and protect.

It’s that simple.

That’s how you can show true love as a parent for your child.

Prepare them for the future.

That’s my pre-Mother’s Day advice for you.






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