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One of my cats gave me this look this morning … the look of “are you CRAZY getting up at oh-dark-thirty on a chilly morning when this bed is so warm and we are all so tired?”


I agree.

Not even coffee can fix this. I know what can and will. It’s called “sleeping till my eyelids are tired of being closed”.

Coffee is what powers my metabolism.

However … today … coffee cannot fix this kind of tired.

If you hear me snoring at work, just wake me up in time to go home.

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too early

Neither Roy nor I are morning people.  Ask my children.  They know in particular that I am not.  They used to bring me coffee in the morning and stand back.  I’m like a bear before I get a good slug of strong hot black coffee pumping through my system.  So this is how I feel most mornings … and today in particular … since I have had several days off and haven’t been at work since last Tuesday. 

Also … it reminds me of Keegan, because he was not a morning person either. 

So even though I have a job where I have to get up freakishly early (4:00 am, at least in my very not-so-humble opinion, is VERY freakishly early), anyone that knows me well will know not to expect me to be too conversational until I’ve had several cups of coffee in me.  Yes, I can get my work done, but I cannot be conversational.  Do not try to discuss too much with me too terribly early … particularly on weekdays when I need my coffee/caffeine fix … but also on weekends when I want to sleep and make up for my 4 am wake-up calls for work.


… just sayin’ is all …


Carry on, everyone …






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