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Roy and I were never raised to think we were anything other than “American”.  Yes, my ancestors came from Scotland, Ireland, Holland, and Germany … but I’m not “Scottish American”.  I’m not “Irish American”.  I’m not “Dutch American”.  I’m not “German American”.  I’m not “White American”.  Those sort of “classifications” only set to further divide us.  We’re not racist either.  We have never owned slaves or put people down because of their color or race.  We look for who they are as people.

Roy and I are at a business meeting this weekend teaching self-sufficiency, entrepreneurship, and independence.  There is every type of person imaginable here.  We all have the goal of bettering ourselves and bettering our country and bettering our world … and we are *AMERICANS*.  Period.

Those classifying terms only work to further divide us rather than help us work toward a common goal of improving our lives and that of society around us.  We’re AMERICAN and we expect those that are lucky enough to consider themselves American and to be protected by the Constitution and our military to start *acting* like Americans and stop trying to divide us into factions.  It’s just demeaning to everyone and others … not to mention the person that is trying to divide us.

Maybe that’s too much common sense for the average man and sheeple of this world though.

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Freedom has never been free in any sense of the word.

Don’t take your freedom for granted.  We live in the best country in the world.  Freedom is not free.  A high price has been paid.




Be proud you live here and protect what you have with all you’ve got.


4th of July






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With Independence Day tomorrow (no, it’s not just a day to swim and barbecue), we’d like to take this opportunity to remind people just exactly why our American forefathers fought to gain independence. Stifling government intervention is just that no matter which government it is or what time period it is. If government politicos sense the citizenry are sheeple, they’ll unleash the wolves. Wake up. The wolves are at your door just as they were at our ancestors’ doors in 1776.

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“You showed me how I’m supposed to live, and now you showed me how to die. … I’m gonna miss that smile. I’m gonna miss you, my friend. Even though it hurts the way it ended up, I’d do it all again. So play it sweet in heaven, cuz that’s right where you wanna be. I’m not cryin’ cuz I feel so sorry for ya. I’m cryin’ for me. … I’ll see ya on the other side, Super Star.” Toby Keith 








You know … I find it very interesting that many people in the past asked me, after having a child with Cystic Fibrosis (see my post of February 28 regarding Keegan), if I would have aborted if I’d known.  I know people that did in similar situations.  I can honestly say the question absolutely appalls me.  I couldn’t abort my own child no matter what.  That’s an innocent child of which we’re speaking.  They asked me if I’d have aborted my 3rd child, born after Keegan, if I had heard a CF diagnosis.

The answer is a resounding “NO”.

I know what a wonderful human being Keegan was.  I know how much he changed not only my life but also the lives of those that came in contact with him.

NO!  No, I would not have aborted.  Period.

With that, however, both Roy and I would never tell someone else whether they can or they cannot have an abortion.  That’s between them, their health professional, and their God and/or their conscience.  We would never take that choice from them.


Why then do so many of those same people try to tell us that we cannot have a gun to protect ourselves?  Why is it ok, in their limited thinking, to terminate the life of a defenseless, helpless, innocent child, but it is not ok for us to protect ourselves from someone who is intent on hurting us and who is neither helpless nor innocent?  Why are they so intent on taking our choices away from us?

Keegan lived his life striving to be independent, to have his rights, to live free, to go his own way.   He’d have reiterated that line above … “DUDE!!!  WHERE’S MY LIBERTY?”









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