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While we may have only been married for 9 years now, it has certainly been an interesting road we’ve been on with twists, turns, dips, and climbs.



*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*


Today I took a walk up the street

And picked a flower and climbed the hill above the lake,

And secret thoughts were said aloud.

We watched the faces in the clouds

Until the clouds had blown away.

Were we ever somewhere else?

You know it’s hard to say.

I never saw blue like that before …


Shawn Colvin




There is absolutely no one else with whom I’d rather be on my current life path than you.


Happy Anniversary, Roy!


I love you!

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This is a 2nd marriage for both Roy and me.  I’ve mentioned that before, but it’s still amazing to both of us.  Neither of us wanted another marriage for different reasons, but when it happened for us, it just was right.  Period.

So on this day 8 years after we got married, 12 years after meeting face-to-face, and 13 years after meeting randomly online, I offer this to my husband.

He’s always there for me and has continually proved it in not only the best of times but also the worst. 

I love you, Roy.  Happy anniversary.


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Roy has figured out that God has a sense of humor. Why else would we be together???


He tells me life without me would be miserable and life with me can be challenging, but he also says he’s never been sorry that he’s with me.

I choose to believe him.


There’s no real reason for this blogpost … other than I’m as glad to have him in my corner during life’s battles as he is to have me in his corner. He understands my reason. That’s all that truly matters in the end. We both know that we ALWAYS have each other’s back.


The End

I wish the same for all of you in your relationships.

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