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Oh dear *GOD*, the PC crowd and the lamestream media make me laugh. They are pathetic, to say the least. I was told today by someone I barely know I should try to be more “PC” and “fit in”. They don’t like my political posts and/or views. So as the last working day of the year comes to a close, I offer this:


I will *perhaps* if they will … but don’t hold your breath on that.

I wish you a prosperous new year full of freedom and without government intervention, without censorship, without the thought police, and without the politically correct BS crowd.



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We’ve said this before, but the name-calling that the oh-so-liberal “progressives”¬†and “tolerant” crowd (or so they all like to tell themselves they are) levels at those of us that think differently from them¬†is nothing short of amazing.


There are a lot of beliefs people have that we don’t¬†share, but it doesn’t make us belittle and/or insist that they must believe as we do and follow the thought-police party line. ¬†People that do this¬†are far more bigoted and dangerous to freedoms than the people they attack.


Being truly “tolerant” means accepting everyone, even when you may disagree with them.¬† It means allowing someone their right to free speech whether they believe like you do or not.


Guess what, Liberals, Progressives, and¬†those self-proclaimed “Beautiful People” out there? ¬†That means, *YOU TOO*!!! ¬†Just because you choose to not believe what the Bible teaches or what Phil Robertson believes doesn’t mean it’s wrong.¬† It’s called “diversity”.¬† It’s called “difference in opinion”.¬† It’s called “individualism”.¬†¬†You know … what¬†all of you are¬†so hot and bothered about¬†attempting to enforce by¬†shoving your beliefs¬†down other people’s throats.¬† Diversity and TOLERANCE is something that you need to learn first before you can tell anyone else what to do.

By the way … as a side note … we find people like the Robertsons that are true to themselves by far and away more beautiful than the Limousine Liberals can ever dream of being.

Quite honestly, we are proud of Phil Robertson.¬† He, like us, doesn’t bend¬†and sway with¬†the political pendulum.¬† He has his beliefs and STICKS TO THEM rather than changing them just to please someone who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about him otherwise.¬† He stays true to himself, and we would be PROUD to be lucky enough to know him personally and call him a friend.


Just because he doesn’t believe the same way as another person, however, doesn’t mean he is leveling hate at¬†them.¬† The name-calling that he is enduring is by far more hateful than¬†what he said.¬†¬†He merely¬†disagrees with¬†certain life¬†choices and agrees with the Bible.¬† It doesn’t mean he hates the person.¬† That’s pretty clear to us, at least,¬†but I guess A&E¬†is too entrenched in Holly-Weird.¬†¬†A&E feels the¬†need to sway with the political mores of the time rather than be¬†true to¬†MANY beliefs. ¬†It’s sad.


So we will end with this.

We have both always believed that the whole world can think we are wrong, but if *we* know we are right, well then, WE ARE RIGHT!


Oh, yeah, and our “period” MEANS “period” unlike the idiot BO.


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I work for the State of California Employment Development Department in the Unemployment Insurance Division on Capitol Mall in Sacramento, 2 blocks from the Capitol Building. I know I’ve said this before, but I am reiterating it for a reason.

I am quite well aware of what most people think of government workers and, in particular, state workers and, even more so, those of us blessed with working in Unemployment Insurance. You can’t fool me. I *know* what most of you think … that we are all lazy, stupid,¬†overpaid, do-nothing’s, sucking off the taxpayers. (No, that would be people like BO, the current occupier of the White House, and his gang of crooks.).


Hold that thought close to your hearts and think about that throughout the Christmas season as you go to your parties.

Yesterday (Thursday) I worked from 7am to 6pm. I worked 7am to 5pm today (Friday). Tomorrow (Saturday) I’ll work 7am to 5pm yet again. Then on Sunday, I’ll work 9am to 4pm, just to get up on Monday and work 7am to 6pm (yes, that’s right … you read all of those hours correctly). Tuesday … Christmas Eve … I’ll work 7am to noon, taking the afternoon off, wanting to spend *some* Christmas time with my family. I have Christmas Day off since I hold that day to be a holy celebration. I’ll be at work the day after Christmas from 7am to 6pm yet again, as well as on Friday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I get Saturday off (woo) to attend my beloved daughter’s wedding shower (gee, we actually do have families and lives too). Then I get New Years Day off, when I’ll probably sleep all day, just to be back at it the day after. How many of you are willing to do that?

There may be some government workers that are lazy but there are many private industry workers that are too. My point is …. the vast majority of the government workers put their hearts and souls into what they do.

I get tired of the clichés.

Oh, hell, I just get TIRED.


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… PERIOD … as BO, the White House occupier, would say …

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I don’t know about you all, but as a manager … or as an elected official of a community organization … or as a business owner … or as a political leader … or as a personal coach … or as a teacher … or even as the head of my household … (all things, plus more, I’ve had the pleasure of doing) … not taking PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for my actions, not making it my personal goal to KNOW what was going on around me, not being *in charge*, so to speak, would have been the absolute LAST thing I’d want to have happen. It would have shown a lack of care, a lack of leadership, a lack of understanding, a lack of regard for what I had been charged with doing and a lack of regard for the people in my care.



Tell us again how you see nothing, hear nothing, and know nothing but want us to believe that you are a “leader” and have *such* a massively high IQ.

DING DONG!!! Knock knock KNOCKKKKKK. Hello?????? Is anyone *home* in that head of yours?

No, you are not a leader. You are not “smart”. You are truly nothing more than a wannabe tyrant who is currently occupying the United States of America’s White House (which, by the way, since you seem to have forgotten, belongs to the American citizenry … NOT YOU).


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In more ways than one … I learned this from my mommy …


drive a stick


She taught me to drive a stick shift automobile when I first got my Learners Permit and Driver License at 15/16 years old. 


She also taught me that when someone … ANYONE … tries to break my wings metaphorically¬†and not allow me to fly … that I should pull out my “stick” … and go after them … be it at work …¬†at home … or in politics (pay close attention, BO, BO’s thugs and cronies, and Congress).


Believe me here too … when I was a kid … or even now when she’s 85 years old … she can still drive that “stick” with the best of them and come after me … and anyone that tries to cross her.


… just ask Roy …


breaks our wings


So am I.

I am flexible like that too.

I learned from The Master.



Happy Halloween, all …


… I love you, Mama … put your broom back in the closet now …







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Roy and I have been through a very rough several years emotionally and financially. We have fought together like polecats to get out of that hole. We never ever *EVER* expected a government handout or for anyone to hand us assistance. Things are finally improving and STILL we can’t afford all we should be able to afford. Now don’t get me wrong. We aren’t destitute and we know we have a very good life now, thanks to our hard work and the grace of God. God will reward those who better themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually, and financially.

Nevertheless … whenever we wonder where the income that we ourselves worked our proverbial ASSES off for went, we remind ourselves of the following:


Tell me again why we’re being extorted for more money by BO, his cronies, his thugs, and Congress?

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