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The once Great State of California, for whom I currently work, is truly on the brink of disaster.  It is overly taxed and overly regulated and not friendly to business or to entrepreneurs.  Is it any wonder so many people are now moving out of the once Golden State?  I am a 3rd generation California Girl … and I am truly ashamed of how it has turned into a welfare state.  It’s embarrassing as a citizen of this state and as an employee of this state.  People moved here for freedom and the chance of entrepreneurship.  It is being destroyed by regulation-happy liberals.  If this state is not to go to the same fate as the City of Detroit, people must stand up and do something rather than sit idly by.  My ancestors who gave so much to move here would be appalled by the “gimme gimme gimme” attitude of so many of the people living here now.  Oh, heck, Roy and I are appalled by the “gimme gimme gimme” mentality of today.

What ever happened to good old fashioned hard work and personal responsibility rather than depending on handouts?

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Roy and I were never raised to think we were anything other than “American”.  Yes, my ancestors came from Scotland, Ireland, Holland, and Germany … but I’m not “Scottish American”.  I’m not “Irish American”.  I’m not “Dutch American”.  I’m not “German American”.  I’m not “White American”.  Those sort of “classifications” only set to further divide us.  We’re not racist either.  We have never owned slaves or put people down because of their color or race.  We look for who they are as people.

Roy and I are at a business meeting this weekend teaching self-sufficiency, entrepreneurship, and independence.  There is every type of person imaginable here.  We all have the goal of bettering ourselves and bettering our country and bettering our world … and we are *AMERICANS*.  Period.

Those classifying terms only work to further divide us rather than help us work toward a common goal of improving our lives and that of society around us.  We’re AMERICAN and we expect those that are lucky enough to consider themselves American and to be protected by the Constitution and our military to start *acting* like Americans and stop trying to divide us into factions.  It’s just demeaning to everyone and others … not to mention the person that is trying to divide us.

Maybe that’s too much common sense for the average man and sheeple of this world though.

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train of thought

Today is our first day of vacation.

We’re off for 3 wonderful weeks.

We need more times like this, which is why we continue to strive forward and attempt to build our own business and our own financial freedom, in spite of government intervention.







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We’re leaving on vacation within the next few days … and are looking forward to it immensely (plus we’ll be handling some of our private entrepreneurial business ventures while on the trip and that’s very exciting for us). So … when people try to tell us how “lucky” we are that we get to do this … here is our answer to them …


Remember … each person creates their own “luck”, no matter how much hell they may have gone through in the past.


Death of Important People


Legal Issues

Job Loss

Financial Issues

Medical Issues

Career Changes

Change of Address

Roy and I, with all we’ve been through (all listed above … plus more that are not yet discussed …), are prime examples.

Even when we were going through hell, we never ever EVER gave up.

Even when it looked like we’d never get through it, we never ever EVER gave up.


Make your own luck.


Good things come to those who WORK THEIR ASSES OFF.




Carry on, all.







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Roy and I were both taught, as we grew up, that to get anywhere in life,


I’ve talked about this before.

It is a success principle that is a “no brainer”.

However, most people don’t have the fortitude or the strength of character to actually do it and see it through NO MATTER WHAT.

A friend, business colleague, singer, and speaker put it this way:

“To have something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done .”  Curt Goad


Go for it.


Do it.

No matter what.







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… which is why Roy and I choose to keep driving forward with determination …







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I don’t remember allowing this.  Do you ?


american brainwashing


Roy and I are PROUD  entrepreneurs and proud capitalists.






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Roy and I were out-of-town for our personal business ventures this past weekend in Denver, CO, where we experienced a spectacular snowstorm on Friday night and throughout most of Saturday.  (While Roy grew up in Maine, it’s nice to not have to deal with those blizzards on a day-to-day basis any longer.) 

Anyway, we got up Sunday morning at 4:00 AM Mountain Daylight Time to catch a flight back home and arrived at the Sacramento (CA) Airport at about 10:45 AM Pacific Daylight Time on Sunday morning so that we could race back to Placerville, CA, do laundry, cook for the week, and greet our animals that had been wonderfully taken care of by our marvelous pet/house sitter over the weekend.  We were then up Monday morning at 4:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time, only 23 hours since we’d left Denver (where it was 3 degrees Fahrenheit to the balmy 69 degrees Fahrenheit at home).  I worked a 10 hour day on Monday and Roy had an exam he had to take for the new “regular job” that he has, not getting home himself till well after 7:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time. 

Like I say, while we’re entrepreneurs at heart, right now, we have our “regular jobs” that we have to have in the meantime while we work our dreams.  To really be a success, you have to be willing to “go the extra mile” and give it all you have in life.

However, after weekends like the past (which was wonderfully productive financially, intellectually, and emotionally), suffice it to say that we are incredibly tired and are looking forward to having at least a day or two where we can sleep in and nap, which is our goal over this coming Easter weekend (when we also plan to stuff ourselves on Easter candy, just as we did when we were children).

easter bunny 

So … we will be using our “rollover” minutes this weekend, thank you very much (along with eating Peeps, Cadbury Eggs, Reese’s Eggs, Jelly Bellies, Malted Milk Balls, and Chocolate Bunnies).

  rollover nap

 Happy Easter, everyone!






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This weekend, Roy and I are at a business conference for entrepreneurs in Denver, Colorado.  We’ve started several businesses off and on.  Some of them have done well.  Some of them have not.  We’ve gone through some very rough financial times, and we’ve also had some very good times.  We’re coming through an incredibly rough patch, and we’re bound back toward the top.

We were scheduled to go to the same type of conference in Seattle, Washington in late April 2013, but it conflicted with some plans we had already made long ago, so we looked for other options and bit the financial bullet to come further and go to a different one.  Many people don’t and won’t understand why we did this.  Those people with the “job mentality” wouldn’t have done this … but those that “DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO” or those with the “GO THE EXTRA MILE” attitude … those “Blue Vasers” of the world … will do whatever they have to do to get ahead in life and go for their dream.  This is what we have always done.  We are willing to step out on a limb and go for it.  If you want to get ahead in life, that’s what you must be willing to do.

Our plans don’t always work … but living a “kind of, sort of” life where you do what you’re told and never step out of your safe little box will definitely not give you the big results and the successful life.  We can’t do that.  It’s that successful life and the big results and the financial rewards that we are looking to obtain.  Those people who are afraid to step out of the pack (you know … the “sheeple” of the world which we patently refuse to be) and only think that the “successful” were “lucky” are those that don’t understand how often the “lucky” successful ones failed first.  Maybe they had big failures (and both Roy and I know about those), but they are also the ones that, against all odds, keep going and are finally rewarded with the big gains.

So I’ll end with quoting the below … because this is what the truly “successful” and the true “winners” of this world have within their inner being, helping them drive forward.

You know a dream is like a river,

ever-changing as it flows,

and the dreamer is just a vessel

that must follow where it goes.

Trying to learn from what’s behind you

and never knowing what’s in store

makes each day a constant battle

just to stay between the shores,

and I will sail my vessel

till the river runs dry.

Like a bird upon the wind,

these waters are my sky.

I’ll never reach my destination

if I never try,

so I will sail my vessel

til the river runs dry.

Too many times we stand aside

and let the water slip away

till what we put off till tomorrow

has now become today.

So don’t you sit up on the shoreline

and say you’re satisfied.

Choose to chance the rapids

and dare to dance the tide.

Yes, I will sail my vessel

till the river runs dry.

Like a bird upon the wind,

these waters are my sky.

I’ll never reach my destination

if I never try,

so I will sail my vessel

til the river runs dry.

There’s bound to be rough waters,

and I know I’ll take some falls.

With the Good Lord as my Captain,

I can make it through them all.

Yes, I will sail my vessel

till the river runs dry.

Like a bird upon the wind,

these waters are my sky.

I’ll never reach my destination

if I never try,

so I will sail my vessel

til the river runs dry.

                              Garth Brooks


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“Entrepreneurs and their small enterprises are responsible for almost all the economic growth in the United States.”  Ronald Reagan
This is DEFINITELY not something that current politics understands.  They are trying to squelch entrepreneurship instead, which is why the economy is not growing.  Their policy of “Taxmageddon” and over-regulation is killing the innovators of the world.
We all need to keep fighting for the next inventor, the next innovator, the next entrepreneur, the next marketing wizard, the next big thing.  It’s the only thing that will help the American economy.  Roy and I closed one of our private businesses.  We soldier on with our other and will not abandon it no matter what.
Entrepreneurship will be what helps save America and the rest of the world.
 It’s “President’s Day” tomorrow. 
I wish we had a *REAL* President in the White House currently.
We need a *real* President back in the White House and a *real* Congress on Capitol Hill.
We need…
… someone like Ronald Reagan …
… someone that understands …
… understands what entrepreneurship will do …
… not only the economy but also an individual’s drive and ambition…

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