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I work for the State of California Employment Development Department in the Unemployment Insurance Division on Capitol Mall in Sacramento, 2 blocks from the Capitol Building. I know I’ve said this before, but I am reiterating it for a reason.

I am quite well aware of what most people think of government workers and, in particular, state workers and, even more so, those of us blessed with working in Unemployment Insurance. You can’t fool me. I *know* what most of you think … that we are all lazy, stupid, overpaid, do-nothing’s, sucking off the taxpayers. (No, that would be people like BO, the current occupier of the White House, and his gang of crooks.).


Hold that thought close to your hearts and think about that throughout the Christmas season as you go to your parties.

Yesterday (Thursday) I worked from 7am to 6pm. I worked 7am to 5pm today (Friday). Tomorrow (Saturday) I’ll work 7am to 5pm yet again. Then on Sunday, I’ll work 9am to 4pm, just to get up on Monday and work 7am to 6pm (yes, that’s right … you read all of those hours correctly). Tuesday … Christmas Eve … I’ll work 7am to noon, taking the afternoon off, wanting to spend *some* Christmas time with my family. I have Christmas Day off since I hold that day to be a holy celebration. I’ll be at work the day after Christmas from 7am to 6pm yet again, as well as on Friday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I get Saturday off (woo) to attend my beloved daughter’s wedding shower (gee, we actually do have families and lives too). Then I get New Years Day off, when I’ll probably sleep all day, just to be back at it the day after. How many of you are willing to do that?

There may be some government workers that are lazy but there are many private industry workers that are too. My point is …. the vast majority of the government workers put their hearts and souls into what they do.

I get tired of the clichés.

Oh, hell, I just get TIRED.


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Working for the Employment Development Department like I do … and in particular the Unemployment Insurance Division … and with the upheaval of a new computer system being deployed right now that currently has numerous “bugs” if you will … along with budget cuts making it so that we can only have our call center phone lines open from 8:00 AM to noon Monday to Friday … it means that our call lines are inundated when they *ARE* open … and it’s difficult at best to get through. 

Therefore, here is my opinion of most call centers.  I don’t currently work on the phones, but I have in the past … and I understand both sides … and always have sympathy for the person answering the phone, unless they’re being a complete putz or unless I can’t understand their accent.


… anywho …

call center music


By the way … in my obscure way of “saluting” the fact that it’s Friday the 13th … I posted this to my blog at 13:13 (that’s military time for 1:13 PM Pacific Time).





Carry on, all!






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