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It’s interesting to me that people talk about “bullying” like it’s a new thing.  It’s not.  It’s been going on since Adam & Eve.  Didn’t their son, Cain, kill his brother, Abel?  Didn’t Joseph’s brothers despise and bully him, because they felt he was favored by his father and then sell him into slavery?  Didn’t Hitler bully the Jews?  Isn’t ISIS bullying Christians and Jews?


Therefore, when I hear about people trying to “eradicate bullying”, it makes me wonder how they can be so naïve.  They act like it’s a new thing.


Everyone at work today was talking about how Charlotte McKinney, the beautiful model that is now competing on this season’s Dancing With The Stars, indicated she was bullied when she was younger.  I didn’t see it, but they’re all amazed by it.  Quite honestly, I’m not really.  I guess I’m not, because ALL of us have encountered our share of bullies that try to put us down or treat us badly or get us to go their way or whatever.

I’ve spoken about this before, most notably in a blogpost I posted 2½ years ago titled “Cliques & Sheeple” … 


Bullying is just another form of “Cliques”, and the bullies want you to know that you are not part of theirs, and they want to make you feel less because of it.  They want you to bow down and pay homage to them.


I can say I was “bullied” as a child (& I was) and have everyone go “aww … poor you” and feel pity and sympathy for me, but that’s not my point.  My point is … yes, I was bullied … and no, it’s not a new thing.  I simply learned to get past it and to not let the bully get the upper hand. 

We have all been bullied in one way or another at some point.  I was a tall, gangly, freckled, red-haired, “smart” girl that wore glasses and that was always “the new kid” from moving around with my family when I was younger.  I didn’t much care if I fit in or not.  I’m sure you get the idea what sorts of things were said to me and about me.  It wasn’t pretty.  My point with all of this is, however, that my parents raised me to believe in myself and to believe that I had something to offer and to ignore the nay-sayers and stick with my principles and with those who loved me for who I am.  Apparently Ms McKinney has also, and, for that, I am proud of her.  She didn’t give in, like the bullies would want. 


Did the past words and comments made to and about me hurt?  Of course they did, but I learned that only I could control what I felt about myself and only I could control how I treated other people and only I could control how I responded to what was said.  I learned how to protect and stand up for myself.


We’d all like to think that bullying ends when we become adults … but it doesn’t … as is evidenced by people killing other people because they don’t look right or believe like they do or fit into the crowd.  It won’t either.  It’s unfortunately one of the baser human instincts to try to belittle someone else, thereby (in theory at least) making the bully superior to them.  It doesn’t work, but that’s an entirely different topic.


Now, don’t get me wrong.  I do not feel it’s right to bully, nor do I feel we should do nothing against those that do.  What is important is to make people aware that there are in fact bullies in this world to whom they need to stand up, even when they (again … in theory) are supposed to be “protectors” (and I can name a few major political bullies in the USA right now … both male and female … that *in theory again* should be protecting our form of government and our people but instead are busy attempting to bully the populace into submission).

Bullying and attempted bullying will not stop.  It’s gone on throughout history.  However, those of us that can and do recognize it for what it is need to stand up against it, get the upper hand back from said bullies, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.


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