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We’ve said this before, but the name-calling that the oh-so-liberal “progressives” and “tolerant” crowd (or so they all like to tell themselves they are) levels at those of us that think differently from them is nothing short of amazing.


There are a lot of beliefs people have that we don’t share, but it doesn’t make us belittle and/or insist that they must believe as we do and follow the thought-police party line.  People that do this are far more bigoted and dangerous to freedoms than the people they attack.


Being truly “tolerant” means accepting everyone, even when you may disagree with them.  It means allowing someone their right to free speech whether they believe like you do or not.


Guess what, Liberals, Progressives, and those self-proclaimed “Beautiful People” out there?  That means, *YOU TOO*!!!  Just because you choose to not believe what the Bible teaches or what Phil Robertson believes doesn’t mean it’s wrong.  It’s called “diversity”.  It’s called “difference in opinion”.  It’s called “individualism”.  You know … what all of you are so hot and bothered about attempting to enforce by shoving your beliefs down other people’s throats.  Diversity and TOLERANCE is something that you need to learn first before you can tell anyone else what to do.

By the way … as a side note … we find people like the Robertsons that are true to themselves by far and away more beautiful than the Limousine Liberals can ever dream of being.

Quite honestly, we are proud of Phil Robertson.  He, like us, doesn’t bend and sway with the political pendulum.  He has his beliefs and STICKS TO THEM rather than changing them just to please someone who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about him otherwise.  He stays true to himself, and we would be PROUD to be lucky enough to know him personally and call him a friend.


Just because he doesn’t believe the same way as another person, however, doesn’t mean he is leveling hate at them.  The name-calling that he is enduring is by far more hateful than what he said.  He merely disagrees with certain life choices and agrees with the Bible.  It doesn’t mean he hates the person.  That’s pretty clear to us, at least, but I guess A&E is too entrenched in Holly-Weird.  A&E feels the need to sway with the political mores of the time rather than be true to MANY beliefs.  It’s sad.


So we will end with this.

We have both always believed that the whole world can think we are wrong, but if *we* know we are right, well then, WE ARE RIGHT!


Oh, yeah, and our “period” MEANS “period” unlike the idiot BO.


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I lived in Illinois and the suburbs of Chicago many years ago, working down in “The Loop”.  I met some wonderful people there but the politics of the area are corrupt to the core.  I was quite glad to move out of there when I did.

 Consider the following:

 Body count: In the last six months, 292 people have been killed (murdered) in Chicago, compared to 221 killed in Iraq, and Chicago has one of the strictest gun laws in the entire U.S.!?!?!?!?!

Senator: Dick Durbin

House Representative: Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Governor: Pat Quinn

House leader: Mike Madigan

Atty. Gen.: Lisa Madigan (daughter of Mike) – good ol’ crony-ism

Mayor: Rahm Emanuel (now referred to as “The Murder Mayor”)

The Chicago school system is rated one of the worst in the country.

The State pension fund is $78 billion in debt (the worst in the country).

Chicago’s & Cook County’s sales tax is 10.25% (the highest in the country).

George Ryan is no longer governor.  He is in the Big House.

Of course, he was replaced by Rob Blagojevich who is … that’s right, ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls … also in the Big House.

Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr. resigned a couple of weeks ago … because he is fighting being sent to … that’s right again … the Big House!

Welcome to the Land of Lincoln, where governors and politicians make the license plates!!!

The leadership in Illinois is all Democrat (just like in Detroit, another terrible blight of a city).

Of course, they’re all blaming each other.

They can’t blame the Tea Party, the Conservatives, or the Republicans … because …








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I don’t remember allowing this.  Do you ?


american brainwashing


Roy and I are PROUD  entrepreneurs and proud capitalists.






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Up in the Sierras, where Roy and I live, we are in one of the last bastions of conservative thought (and a redneck or two) found in the craziness, the “Pacific Blue”, and the “Baywatch” that would be considered “California”.  We love our lives.  We have all of the refugees from the liberal world that thinks taxing everyone into oblivion is the way to make things “better”.

 Guess what?

The liberal world is wrong.

So anyway, we used to live in the PC world of the sheeple that like to live in suburgatory.

We are not of those and do not feel we need to be “PC” to suit their needs.

Every so often, when we lived in the overly nosey “keep up with the Jones’ world” of suburgatorians, we felt a need just to “stir the pot”.

Who?  Us?  Stir things up?  Hmmm … well … yes, as a matter of fact … that does sound like us.

 bury stuff

Down there, they’d be guessing.

Up where we live now, they’d think we were doing some night-time gardening.

… perhaps anyway …






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