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Oh dear *GOD*, the PC crowd and the lamestream media make me laugh. They are pathetic, to say the least. I was told today by someone I barely know I should try to be more “PC” and “fit in”. They don’t like my political posts and/or views. So as the last working day of the year comes to a close, I offer this:


I will *perhaps* if they will … but don’t hold your breath on that.

I wish you a prosperous new year full of freedom and without government intervention, without censorship, without the thought police, and without the politically correct BS crowd.


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… and this comment comes from a “news” person?

I didn’t realize that it was BO’s “job” to “destroy” another political party or the beliefs of many of the people of this country.

This shows an utter and complete lack of class and lack of professionalism on John Dickerson’s part.  It also illustrates to me that he is not a “news reporter” … he is a political editorialist.

I used to think that a “news director”, while on the job, wasn’t supposed to interject his particular political bias.

When did that change for the worse?

The lamestream media and the alphabet networks are completely in BO’s pocket with their heads up his ass.

The funny thing is that, from the impression I get of BO, he’ll use them for his gain but he’ll turn on them in a heartbeat.

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