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I lived in Illinois and the suburbs of Chicago many years ago, working down in “The Loop”.  I met some wonderful people there but the politics of the area are corrupt to the core.  I was quite glad to move out of there when I did.

 Consider the following:

 Body count: In the last six months, 292 people have been killed (murdered) in Chicago, compared to 221 killed in Iraq, and Chicago has one of the strictest gun laws in the entire U.S.!?!?!?!?!

Senator: Dick Durbin

House Representative: Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Governor: Pat Quinn

House leader: Mike Madigan

Atty. Gen.: Lisa Madigan (daughter of Mike) – good ol’ crony-ism

Mayor: Rahm Emanuel (now referred to as “The Murder Mayor”)

The Chicago school system is rated one of the worst in the country.

The State pension fund is $78 billion in debt (the worst in the country).

Chicago’s & Cook County’s sales tax is 10.25% (the highest in the country).

George Ryan is no longer governor.  He is in the Big House.

Of course, he was replaced by Rob Blagojevich who is … that’s right, ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls … also in the Big House.

Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr. resigned a couple of weeks ago … because he is fighting being sent to … that’s right again … the Big House!

Welcome to the Land of Lincoln, where governors and politicians make the license plates!!!

The leadership in Illinois is all Democrat (just like in Detroit, another terrible blight of a city).

Of course, they’re all blaming each other.

They can’t blame the Tea Party, the Conservatives, or the Republicans … because …








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People seem to think nowadays that banning guns will stop violence.  Can I ask a question?  Can I please just ask *ONE* simple little question?

Did banning alcohol during Prohibition stop drinking and alcohol runners?

Does banning drugs cause no more drug abuse?

Does banning abortions stop women that want them from getting them (no matter how much I abhor them, I know it won’t stop them)?

Can any of those questions be answered?  Ok, I admit it.  I asked more than one question there.  So I guess I should be banned too.  However, I want to ask more questions here … so ignore my “one question” statement above.  I’m going to ask several questions and hope perhaps the “powers that be” will somehow pay attention (even though I know that they don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone thinks but their “yes-men” and are unwilling to listen to “logic”).  I’m going to try anyway.  I’m an optimist at heart, I suppose.

baseball bat

Hell, do they want to ban things that cause violent crimes?  Ban baseball bats.  Ban knives.  Ban cars.  Ban crow bars.  Ban rope.  Ban tire irons.  Ban scissors.  Ban hammers.  Ban electricity.  Ban cell phones.  Ban pillows because you could be suffocated.  Ban water because you could be drowned.  Ban gravity for God’s sake.  I mean … people have been thrown off high places to their death on purpose.  Let’s ban gravity.  That’s it.  Ban everything.  That’ll solve it all.


Does anyone else see how silly this is getting?  Guess what?  Banning guns is the same thing.

So then … can anyone tell me then why “politicians” and “celebrities” want to ban guns but then have armed protection for themselves … and can afford to pay someone else to do it … but they want to take away *MY* right to be able to protect myself  … by myself … since I can’t afford to pay others to do it? 

Police can’t be everywhere.  I want to be able to protect myself.  Guess what, though?   That’s not the intention of their desire to take away that right from me by banning guns.  The intention of gun bans and gun “control” isn’t about controlling *guns*.  It’s about controlling PEOPLE and getting them under the thumb of government.  Period.  So I answered my own question there.  When is America going to wake up to that?  I’ll ask that question instead.

Perhaps I’m too much of an optimist at times.


It also amazes me that, when questions like this start getting asked, the control freaks panic, because they realize that their game is up & that they have been caught in their hypocrisy.  That’s when the name-calling starts, like I’ve mentioned in prior blogposts.  What does any of it have to do with any name you’re being called?  Absolutely nothing, that’s what.  I deserve as much protection as the next guy.

So in all this, remember:  violent crimes with any object are caused by people of all types.  What needs to be done is … get back to demanding “personal responsibility” out of people rather than coddling the perpetrators like a little child.  They gave up their “rights” when they chose to infringe on someone else’s rights.  It’s not the GUN that is at fault.  It’s not the bat, the crowbar, the tire iron, the WHATEVER.  It’s the PERSON who is at fault for making that choice.  When will society remember that?   Stop blaming other items or society as a whole.  It’s the PERSON, plain, flat, and simple.   When will the blamestorming stop?


We can make “laws” about guns and types of guns and ownership of guns … but do criminals pay attention to those laws?  No.  It’s evident in any and all statistics out there.  Gun bans don’t work.  It just leaves honest law-abiding citizens more vulnerable to the criminals that WILL get guns one way or another.


It makes innocent people even more of a target.  Is that apparent only to Roy and to me?


You have only to look at other countries that have banned guns to find some of this out.  I love how Australia is culturally on many levels, but this is not one of them.  Can people not understand the statistics?


So like I’ve said already, “gun control” is not about controlling GUNS.  Can everyone get that through their brains?  “Gun control” is about control of the citizenry.  That’s all.  So if and/or when American politicians think they need to “control” us and/or if someone in particular tries to be “king/emperor” (I have a picture in my mind of who that would be … can you see it?), the legislatures and direct representatives of the people need to remember that they are DUTY BOUND to nullify federal overreaches.


So I’ll end with a question, just like I started.


Personally, I think more than a million support it.  It’s not the arms/guns that are the problem.  If more GOOD people actually bear arms, they can protect themselves against the attacks that the criminals will lodge no matter what “ban” is out there.

Who will stand up and be counted, along with Roy and me?





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