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While we may have only been married for 9 years now, it has certainly been an interesting road we’ve been on with twists, turns, dips, and climbs.



*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*


Today I took a walk up the street

And picked a flower and climbed the hill above the lake,

And secret thoughts were said aloud.

We watched the faces in the clouds

Until the clouds had blown away.

Were we ever somewhere else?

You know it’s hard to say.

I never saw blue like that before …


Shawn Colvin




There is absolutely no one else with whom I’d rather be on my current life path than you.


Happy Anniversary, Roy!


I love you!

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This is a 2nd marriage for both Roy and me.  I’ve mentioned that before, but it’s still amazing to both of us.  Neither of us wanted another marriage for different reasons, but when it happened for us, it just was right.  Period.

So on this day 8 years after we got married, 12 years after meeting face-to-face, and 13 years after meeting randomly online, I offer this to my husband.

He’s always there for me and has continually proved it in not only the best of times but also the worst. 

I love you, Roy.  Happy anniversary.


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On November 23, 2002, I received an email from a random person from Maine that had the wrong email address and was trying to get in touch with a buddy in Boston. Normally, I would have ignored it. However, I could tell he was trying to set up some time to visit, so I sent a quick email back telling him he had the wrong email address. That spawned an online friendship. Five years to the day after that, we got married. It’s now been 11 years … and it’s our 6th anniversary.

We are probably the least likely couple you’d think of. He’s younger than me. He lived in Maine. I lived in California. We’d have had no reason in the world to have met unless it was supposed to happen. We both thought we were crazy. Anyone that knew us and heard about it thought we were crazy. I kept thinking that “this will never work”. So did Roy. However, we had to at least try … because … for both of us … we just knew!

“I’ve got you under my skin. I have got you deep in the heart of me, so deep in my heart that you’re really a part of me. I’ve got you under my skin. I’ve tried so not to give in and I said to myself, ‘this affair, it never will go so well’, but why should I try to resist, when, baby, I know so well that I’ve got you under my skin? I’d sacrifice anything, come what might, for the sake of having you near, in spite of a warning voice that comes in the night, it repeats, repeats in my ear. ‘Don’t you know, you fool? You never can win. Use your mentality. Wake up to reality.’, and each time that I do, just the thought of you makes me stop before I begin, cuz I’ve got you under my skin. I would sacrifice anything, come what might, for the sake of having you near in spite of warning voice that comes in night, it repeats how it yells in my ear. ‘Don’t you know, you fool; there ain’t no chance to win? Why not use your mentality? Wake up! Step up to reality!’ And each time I do, just the thought of you makes me stop just before I begin, because I’ve got you under my skin. Yeah, you grabbed me under my skin.” Frank Sinatra

We don’t believe in coincidence. I’ve mentioned this before. When people tell us what a “coincidence it is” that we met … or how “lucky” we are … we just laugh. It’s neither a coincidence nor luck.


… and more often than not, we look up and smile and know it was God …

So … God … we both thank you for bringing the joy that we have found after everything that we’ve endured over the years.

Life is good now … and while we’ve been through some MAJOR challenges over the years, this seems to be our general feeling of late:

“Still it’s a real good bet the best is yet to come. The best is yet to come, and, babe, won’t that be fine? You think you’ve seen the sun, but you ain’t seen it shine. Wait till the warm up’s under way … wait till you see that sunshine day. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” Frank Sinatra

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In the 5 years since we got married, we’ve been through hell and back, sometimes ready to strangle each other but always having each other’s back. We decided that we really needed to celebrate this year … our 5th/10th anniversary.


Ok, so, we had margaritas and Mexican food last night for our anniversary. Tonight we’re celebrating our anniversary still and opened a yummy bottle of champagne given to us when we got married in 2007. Considering all of the … excuse the word used but it’s the only one even *vaguely* appropriate here … BULLSHIT that we’ve encountered and handled in the past years we’ve known each other, we decided we *deserved* it.

So. Hmm.

Like I’ve said before, we do not believe in coincidences. Period. Nope. Never. Not happenin’.

We opened the bottle. We popped the top. We toasted. The following song started on Roy’s DJ program:

“I beg your pardon. I never promised you a rose garden. Along with the sunshine, there’s gotta be a little rain sometime.” Lynn Anderson

OH MY GOD. We both laughed til we cried. It is so appropriate that I can’t even describe it.

Well, ok, yes, I can, & over time, I will.

When we met, we both said close to the same thing about ourselves which was pretty much … you get what you get around either one of us and each of our lives is like a rollercoaster. The past many years have been pretty much a rollercoaster beyond belief, but we both knew that the other was there *no matter what* … even when we were yelling at each other (who? us? yell? noooo …… not us …..)

Like we said, no one thought we’d last. There was no reason why we should have. Everything was against us.

However, 5 & 10 years later, we are stronger than ever. We know we have someone who will *always* have our back … truly “through thick and thin”.

So … I’ll end with this, which is the way it is with us. Just ask Kara.


“We’re like summer and winter. We’re not one bit alike. We’re like satin and cinders. I’m definitely not your type. Well, then, what are we doin’ in love? What are we doin’ in a mess like this? What are we doin’ in love? Why were you someone I couldn’t resist? What are we doin’ in love? We’re like paper and matches. We’ll probably have our share of fights. We’re like roses and switches. It’s gonna be hard, but we’ve got to try. So what are we doin’ in love? What are we doin’ in a mess like this? What are we doin’ in love and what are we gonna tell all our friends? You don’t have to like someone to love someone. That rule was made to be broken. But, if we have to say goodbye to a life we’ve gotten used to, what are we doin’ in love then? We’re like sun-up and sun-down. People say we’re never going to last, like uptown and downtown. You like it slow but I like it fast. What are we doin’ in love? What are we doin’ in a mess like this? What are we doin’ in love? What are we gonna tell all our friends? What are we doin’ in love? What are we doin’ in a mess like this? What are we doin’ in love? You were just someone I couldn’t resist. So that’s what we’re doin’ in love.” *WHAT ARE WE DOIN’ IN LOVE*, Kenny Rogers & Dottie West

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Relationships can be tenuous, particularly to those people that are older or that have been previously divorced (as have been Roy and I both). It’s hard to trust and/or love again.

We met online, as was mentioned in an original post, but not in the way most people would think. It was not in a chat room or a dating site. It was like a wrong number, where Roy tried to email a friend near Boston, Massachusetts, from his home near Portland, Maine, and got a wrong email address and emailed me near San Francisco, California. We became online friends, then face-to-face friends, then lovers, then husband & wife.

It started exactly 10 years ago yesterday with the first email. We got married exactly 5 years later on that same date. So yesterday was our 5th wedding anniversary and 10th “since we met” anniversary.

People thought it’d never last. They thought we would never survive 6 months, let alone 5 & 10 years.

We’ve been through some great times and some incredibly rough times together, times that most people would have never survived alone, let alone a fairly new 2nd marriage for us both (since we both swore we’d never get married again after our first marriages).

Yet here we are, our 5th anniversary being yesterday, stronger and tighter together than ever. We’ve proved them all wrong (including ourselves).

I love you, Roy.

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