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Deer always look so sweet and gentle. Overall, they are (or are they?), and I’d never hurt one purposefully. However, if it comes down to either a deer or me, guess what? I’ll go down fighting.  I guess more to the point, they are just plain hazardous to drivers.

I live in the mountains out in the boonies where a lot of wildlife live. It’s awesome.  I love it. I know that I am in their natural habitat so I try to remember that when I’m out and about.

However, as I was driving to the commuter bus this morning, a very large buck decided he wanted to play chicken with the cars driving down the road. There was “traffic” today … which isn’t the kind of traffic I used to encounter when I lived in the very overcrowded San Francisco Bay Area in the past. It means that there were 4 cars on the back road to Highway 50 … 2 headed one way & 2 headed the other. I was in front on our side. The car behind was a good distance behind me but close enough to know it was there.  

Now, I drive a relatively small car. My goal is to get a new larger heavier one fairly soon. It hasn’t been top of my list, because I’ve had numerous financial goals to handle, which have been more pressing, but they are almost all done (yay). In the meantime, however, I deal with a small car, which isn’t good in the snow and ice in the winter and/or against the “critters” that run free around us. Small cars are not safe overall in the mountains. As soon as I can now, the goal to get a larger vehicle has moved up on my list.

Like I said, I enjoy the animals around us. We see coyote, deer, mountain lions, eagles, bear on occasion, jackrabbits, and so on. We make sure our dog and two cats are in at night so that they don’t become some other animal’s breakfast, and we generally live in harmony. I much prefer the wildlife over the 2-legged critters that roam the cities at night.

I digress (as usual).

This morning, a very large buck decided he wanted to wait until all 4 cars converged on one area … an area not really prone to having deer … and make a wild run across the road between the front car on the other side of the road and me. He started on the opposite side of the road, which means I was on the side that he passed last … which also means that I got to hear his hooves striking the asphalt … and I got to see how many points were on his antlers (4) … and I got to see the markings on his back … and I got to see the whites of his eyes … and he got to see the color of my car (silver) … and he got to see the color of my hair (copper red) … and he got to see the whites of my eyes … and he got to hear the scream that came out of my mouth.

I felt the car shimmy from the disturbance in the air he created as he passed in front of the car. He probably felt the car on the tips of his fur. I missed him by that much. I didn’t swerve … that would always be more dangerous than driving straight, because you never know which way he might turn, although when I did see him, I hit the brakes slightly, or I would have plowed right into him and probably would have been terribly hurt … not even counting that my car would have been destroyed (but the latter of those things is the least of my concerns, quite honestly). At least the car behind me was far enough back to slam on his brakes too.

My nerves were shot. I shook the entire rest of the way to the bus stop when I parked. I sat there until my breathing returned to normal. My life … it flashed before my eyes.

So … with that … I want to tell Roy … Kara … Alex … Logan … my mother … my sister … my extended family and friends … and all those close to me that have died … that I love them dearly and to never forget that I love them … NO MATTER WHAT … (even if I’m angry or sad or grumpy or whatever for some reason or another) … because there are times in life when you just don’t know what is going to happen.

Remember … life is tenuous at best.




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Merry Christmas from our house to yours …


… Talulah (Russian Blue “watch cat”), Pandora (multi-colored California speckled “people cat”), Outback (Australian Cattle Dog, aka “CrazyDog”,which is said as all one word), Roy, and Jill …

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I support Phil Robertson’s right to his opinion. I support him 2000%. Apparently the idiotic Hollywood “Limousine Liberals” only support the right for *some* people to have and express an opinion. Guess what, A&E? We boycott *you* as well as your Limousine Liberal attitudes and supporters. Shame on *all* of you.






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One of my cats gave me this look this morning … the look of “are you CRAZY getting up at oh-dark-thirty on a chilly morning when this bed is so warm and we are all so tired?”


I agree.

Not even coffee can fix this. I know what can and will. It’s called “sleeping till my eyelids are tired of being closed”.

Coffee is what powers my metabolism.

However … today … coffee cannot fix this kind of tired.

If you hear me snoring at work, just wake me up in time to go home.

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… I think of …


CROCS??? …

… wait …

… no …

… shoes!!!

Yeah, that’s it …

… EXPENSIVE shoes!!!

Ok, ok, ok!!!  Can you take a joke here?

… we’re kidding …

… sort of …

Carry on, all!!!

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  bambi 1

 That’s what many people think of when they hear the word, “deer” (unless they’re hunters).

  bambi 2


  bambi 3

… are not, at least in our not-so-humble opinions, …


 bambi 4

… particularly out on country roads …

 rural scene

… as they tend to jump out at *very* inopportune times in front of unsuspecting vehicles.

 bambi 6


bambi 7 

This causes much damage to said vehicle and the cost is very …


U.S. Coins and Paper Money 

… as in costly … and not as in … 


bambi 9 

It also generally makes said


bambi 10 

… very …


bambi 11 

Where Roy and I live up in the Sierra foothills, there are a *lot* of wild animals. We’re used to it. For the most part, they don’t bother us.  There are bears, mountain lions, coyotes, jackrabbits, squirrels, raccoons, etc etc etc.  We even have our share of rattlesnakes … but they have never bothered us, just as long as we don’t bother them.  We’re good with that.

bambi 12


bambi 13

… however … are *very* bothersome and tend to like to get in our way.

People in the cities think they’re *cute* (which they can be) and gentle (which they also can be). However, they can cause a lot of very costly damage.  Just ask us … we know.

Roy was on his way to work for some overtime this past Saturday.  We’re good with that.  Since he just started this job and the economy has been sucky (it’s a good word when you don’t want to swear) and finances for us for the past many years have been equally sucky … well … any offered overtime is good.  So he’s merrily headed to work because the overtime money will definitely help us out and doing a nice respectable 50 MPH on a 55 MPH road at approximately 8:20 AM this past Saturday, when, out of nowhere, a deer races down the hill and jumps right in front of Roy’s truck.

 bambi 14


bambi 15 

Now … while I feel sorry for the deer … I feel much sorrier for Roy, for the truck, and for our bank account, particularly when our bank account is still reeling from the past several years.  Now … first and foremost in MY mind at least is … Roy is ok … which is good with me because he’d be much more expensive to fix … and impossible for me to replace.

bambi 16 

Anyway, he hit this stupid deer that apparently had a death wish on Saturday morning.  The truck was still drivable so he went to work and figured we’d deal with it this week. So he brought it to the body shop on Tuesday.


First they say $700.  While we didn’t like that … it could have been worse.  Ok fine.  We’re ok.

bambi 17 

We’ll deal with it.

We should have known not to celebrate too soon.  Two days later they called back.

“Oh, we found more.  It’s going to be about $1100.”

WHAT?  Ok well that was our first assumption that it’d be about that … and our insurance deductible is high to keep our costs low so we figured … fine … we’ll *still* deal with it and just eat sparsely for the remainder of the month.  We are working on weight loss anyway, aren’t we?

Feet on a Scale 

So today they called again … which made Roy decide to go in and confront them because … well … now it’s up to $1500 … because apparently said deer …

bambi 19 

… wasn’t dear …

bambi 20

… and cracked the AC unit as well as shoved it into the frame (or something like that anyway).

bambi 21 

We don’t like deer …

bambi 22

… no matter how cute Bambi is.

bambi 23 

Geez … it would have been nice if at least the overtime amounts had covered the damage to the truck … and not made it so we’ve thought … well geez, it would have been cheaper had Roy just stayed home.  Oh well.  Life goes on.

So anywho …

… as you all know … I love my music … all kinds … and guess what good ol’ Frankie gave us … a great philosophy to follow here:

“I’ve been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn, and a king. I’ve been up and down and over and out, and I know one thing. Each time I find myself flat on my face, I pick myself up and get back in the race. That’s life. I tell you I can’t deny it. I thought of quittin’, baby, but my heart just ain’t gonna buy it.” Frank Sinatra

This is just another one of those basic success principles we were taught as children.  It doesn’t matter HOW many times you get knocked down in life and end up flat on your face.  Get right back up and carry on for your heart’s sake, your peace of mind, and your self-image.  Quitting is not an option. It certainly won’t help you win.  Getting up and carrying on is what will. 

Don’t *ever* be a quitter.

Pick yourself up.

Dust yourself off.

Start all over again.


We’ll figure it out … no matter what.

Remember … “A champion is someone who gets up even when he can’t.”  Curt Goad

Carry on, all … NO MATTER WHAT.

(We still don’t like deer.)

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Everyone has things they have to do every day.  Many of us find it useful, particularly when we’re trying to accomplish things in life, to make “to do” lists.  No matter how big, how small, or how much we think we’ll remember it, making a list is the key to success and getting everything done that you want to get done.


cat to do list


This is true if we’re a human … a cat … or whatever … we must know what we need to do every day to move our plan forward in life.

My cats have this same list and occasionally they’ll add in a few other things just because they know they have to get more done that particular day.

We all need to do the same.








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here kitty kitty


Roy and I have had many cats since we’ve been together.

We had many cats before we got together.

We love our cats dearly.

They all have different personalities and needs.

However, we also both know … all kitty cats are the same.




Big or Small


Striped or Solid

 Trash Can Talulah

In Cold Weather or In Hot Weather


People Oriented or Independent


Wild or Domestic

… or …


Cat in a Box

They all love to get into a box.






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… they’d look like this …




I’m glad I’ve learned in my “being healthier” quest how to eat fast food in moderation.










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Hogging The Bed

This completely illustrates our cats … and what happens at night.  If the cats and the dog could get along, I’m sure they would all be up there with us, but there would be too much hissing and growling and yowling and barking at night if we allowed them to all sleep there.  


The dog sleeps on her pillow in her kennel … and … well … and the cats sleep wherever they darn well please, which is stretched all the way across the bed with us hanging off the sides.  If they could get the tips of their noses on one side of the bed and the tips of their tails on the other side, I’m sure they would, just … well … just because they are THE CAT.


sleeping cats


We do have one blonde stripey kitty cat.  We have one that LOVES to sleep on her back but she’s grey.  Then we have one grey tabby that just likes to be in the middle of everything.


Hey, this picture is pretty dang close to Roy’s and my respective hair colors too.








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