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So another year has rolled around and it’s my birthday again.   To me, it’s simply amazing that I’m as old as I am.  I never could imagine anyone being this ancient when I was a kid … except of course for grandparents who seemed to be born old so of course they were old.  Now that I’m this old, I feel inside the same way I did when I was a kid. 

However … some days I feel young and walk by the mirror and think … “hey, she doesn’t look so bad.”  Other days, I look in the mirror and think … “oh dear GAWD who is that looking at me there?”

Anywho … on my birthday … to all those I know and care about … and to all my faithful and favorite readers, remember this;


However, my general words of so-called wisdom (at least in my mind and in my not-so-humble opinion) … particularly since one of my own children never had the option of growing old … are as follows: 



I regret nothing.  I learned from my many mistakes.  I however regret nothing.  It’s made me who I am. 


To my children that are still young (like me?  😏  ok … fine then … I’m young at heart anyway) and enjoying life, I offer these words of wisdom on my birthday:





Carry on, all … and happy birthday  #62 to me!








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You’ve got to be kidding me.


This afternoon I exited one of the back doors at the building where I work … a California State Government building to be precise … in Sacramento … on Capitol Mall … right next to one of the loading docks.  A co-worker was standing on the truck loading ramp and backing right up into me. 

“Oh!  Sorry!   I’m catching a Pokemon.”

He didn’t budge.

“I need to catch this guy.”

Are you FREEKING kidding me?  I had to push past and slide around him against the wall so I could run to catch the Commuter Bus that was getting ready to pull away, yelling for it to wait.  At least another rider heard me and held the bus.

People!  Get a life away from staring at an electronic device every waking minute. 


That is all.  Carry on, everyone.  Go out and ENJOY life.

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