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My baby girl turned 26 today. She got married this past July to her wonderful Alex. For someone who writes and edits other writers for a living, it’ll be amazing to others (just as it is to me) that I have no good words to describe how proud of BOTH of them that Roy and I are.


She’s done well for herself. Considering all she’s been through in her young life and considering how she was underestimated in elementary, middle, and high school by teachers and administrators, all I have to say to them is “I told you so.” I’m proud that I taught her to fight for herself and to never be a victim of any circumstances … no matter what they are.


Kara, Papa Roy and I … your renegade Placerville mama and step-papa … love you dearly. We are beyond proud of you and are honored to be part of your life. We are there for both you and Alex … NO MATTER WHAT.


… and Baby Girl?

I’m proud we can be adult friends.


I love you, Bug.


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On this Christmas Eve, 2014, 13½ years since you died, I miss you as much if not more than ever. I wish you were here to help your brother. I wish you were here to see how wonderfully your baby sister is doing. I wish you could have met your sister’s husband, Alex. You’d have hit it off well with him, I’m quite sure. I wish you were here to have met Roy. You’d have both teased and harassed each other mercilessly. I wish you were here to have enjoyed Placerville like I do. I wish you were here to have gone to college like you wanted to do. I wish you were here to have had your own life work and calling, your own children if you so chose, your own life. I wish you were here to see that I have done ok with myself.

I miss you, Keegan. Whoever said “time heals” was wrong. Perhaps it gets different but it never truly heals. I’ve said before that it’s like losing an arm or a leg. Part of me is missing. I have learned to get by without it, but I’m still without and I still want it as part of who I am and it still gives me pain that it’s not there.

I’m just writing this to tell you as you watch me and visit me spiritually (and I can sense you around), that I still love you with all of my heart. You are forever one of my babies and forever in my heart. I was blessed to have you in my life physically for the 17 years I did. I just wish it were longer.

This year I will be enjoying a “Christmas Buffet” with friends at Smith Flat House. You’d have liked where we are going and with whom we will be. I know you will visit Roy and me in spirit as we both sense you around often already and you will also travel to visit your brother and your sister and her wonderful husband where they are on this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I wish we could all be together, but life goes on and changes with time. Celebrate in Heaven! We’ll all be with you again in the future.

Each and every person that knows you … whether they knew you in this life physically or just spiritually or both … misses you.

Merry Christmas, Keegan.


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As the #WhiteHouse occupiers (#BO and #MoochObama and their kiddos) go on yet another taxpayer-funded lavish 2 week Hawaiian holiday which the vast majority of the American public can’t afford due to being taxed into oblivion and which they can’t even begin to imagine ever doing or affording, I offer these two pictures to the idiot that blames everyone but himself. This is all I have to offer to the people who live in the #WhiteHouse but wouldn’t know what “being Presidential” or “Leadership” mean. I’ll give them one clue anyway: “The Blame Game” is not part of it. I will never consider them to be “President” or “First Lady” because neither of them know how to act the part … and believe me … they could be black, white, green, purple, or orange with turquoise polka-dots … I’d still feel the same about their demeanor and attitude. They simply are not worthy of the title or my respect.

Anyway … Merry Christmas to my friends and family that truly know what love and caring and strength and purpose and law and order are all about.

These #imposters do not. They only know how to take from and use others. Karma will not be pretty on them.

I’m now done with my rant.


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I learned long ago to smile and carry on … NO MATTER WHAT. The reason I write about this today doesn’t matter … but I have my own personal reasons. What matters is to carry on and hold my head high. I will never let others knock me off my course in life or tear me down or try to make me feel inferior. They can deal with the karma and the consequences all on their own. I don’t choose to participate. Leave me out of it all. They’ll be happier and so will I.

Though your heart is aching.
Even though it’s breaking.
When there are clouds in the sky,
You’ll get by
If you smile
Through your fear and sorrow.
And maybe tomorrow
You’ll see the sun
Come shining through
For you.
Light up your face with gladness.
Hide every trace of sadness
Although a tear
May be ever so near.
That’s the time
You must keep on trying.
What’s the use of crying?
You’ll find that life is still worthwhile
If you’ll just smile.
That’s the time
You must keep on trying.
What’s the use of crying?
You’ll find that life is still worthwhile
If you’ll just smile.
Nat King Cole


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“… against the wind, I’m still running against the wind. I’m older now but still running against the wind. Well, I’m older now and still running against the wind.” Bob Seger

Freedom is knowing that when you’re right, YOU’RE RIGHT. Go for broke in all you do. Go against the wind if you have to. Find those of like mind if you can.



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