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“… the mentality of much of America today – a ‘victim mentality’ that has propelled an era of ‘excuse abuse’. Claiming victim status excuses people from responsibility for their own choices. … The answer to that is: there is no excuse. You alone are responsible for the choices you make, so make them wisely. Choices have consequences.” Edwin Louis Cole; TREASURE: UNCOVERING PATTERNS & PRINCIPLES THAT CREATE PROSPERITY


Choose your life. Live it. Don’t just exist in it. Be responsible.

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I truly hate it when there are major issues going on in my life and people say “it builds character” or “it’ll make you stronger” or “it’ll all work out” or “you can handle this because you’re so strong”.


Spare me.

Do they think there’s a magic “strength gene” or it’s simply ok that more issues are somehow explained away & handled easily?

Yes, it’s true. One way or another it’ll move forward and work out … good OR bad.

That however doesn’t mean simple platitudes make it easier, particularly on those of us that have seen more of life’s ups-and-downs than many. We still need a break on occasion … and we still need support, love, and caring.

Think about that the next time you encounter someone in the throes of major life challenges and changes. It will be well worth the price of your time. A sympathetic ear means more than most people truly understand.

… just sayin’ is all …

Nevertheless … on a lighter note … since I am a reformed suburgatory resident and now very much a country girl through-and-through … I’ll end with this … because it’s more true than city-folk and flatlanders truly understand.


… again … just sayin’ is all …

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Roy has figured out that God has a sense of humor. Why else would we be together???


He tells me life without me would be miserable and life with me can be challenging, but he also says he’s never been sorry that he’s with me.

I choose to believe him.


There’s no real reason for this blogpost … other than I’m as glad to have him in my corner during life’s battles as he is to have me in his corner. He understands my reason. That’s all that truly matters in the end. We both know that we ALWAYS have each other’s back.


The End

I wish the same for all of you in your relationships.

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