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                It’s a bizarre feeling, really.  Today would be, nominally, the birthday of my 2nd son, Keegan (at least legally).  He was born on February 29, 1984, Leap Day.  I was 29 years old and turned 30 the following July.  Keegan died in 2001 at the age of 17, almost 13 years ago.  Today would be his 30th birthday.  It seems odd to me.  I was almost 30 when he was born.  He would be 30 now, but in my brain, he is forever 17, since that is how old he was when he died.  I only had him with me for 17 years, but he stamped a major impression on my heart from the get-go, and it won’t ever fade.


                Keegan, I miss you.  Everyone who knew you or has heard of you misses you.  I know your spirit is around, but I miss talking with you, laughing with you, seeing you, hugging you, hearing you.  I continue to celebrate your life as you wished.  Tonight Roy and I went out to dinner for your February 28th birthday.  At midnight, we will release balloons to you, since that is the instant of your birthday.  On your March 1st birthday, I’m scheduled to be in Tahoe with your sister, Kara; your soon-to-be brother-in-law, Alex; your sister’s best friend and Maid-of-Honor-To-Be, Katrina; and your step-father, Roy.  Two of them never met you in this life … but they know you.  We have made sure of it, just as you have.  Hopefully, we will all be cake-tasting for Kara and Alex’s upcoming 4th of July wedding, knowing how much you’d have loved doing the same thing.  We’ll be going out to dinner after while up in Tahoe.  We’ll drink a toast to you and laugh and miss you still.  This is all assuming the weather holds and it’s not snowing over Echo Summit of course.  Be nice to us, Baby Boy … we want good weather!  LOL

                Happy birthday, 2nd Baby Boy and my most favorite middle child!













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… we will always remember you, Keegan.  ALWAYS.





Happy birthday to my favorite middle Leap Day child … born 2.29.84 at precisely 2:30 PM when this will post to this blog … sent to you from here on earth up to you in heaven …


I will love you and miss you forever and always.





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It’s been a long week … and it’s Valentine’s Day, which in and of itself is a dumb day … and I have to work not only tomorrow (Saturday) but also Sunday. So … since this is Friday and Valentine’s Day … here is my plan … because this is what will happen when I get home tonight … no matter what time I get there.



Carry on, all … and have a great Valentine’s Day, if that’s what you do.

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I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day, mainly because it’s a made-up day where everyone is supposed to suddenly be all lovey-dovey for that one day but ignore showing love other days. I believe in showing it to the people you love throughout the year and no matter what is happening around you, even when your entire world is crashing down around you, because if you have people who love you and that you love, nothing else really matters.

So, in that vein, I offer this to Roy …



Here goes another day,

A hug and a kiss

And we’re on our way

A cup of coffee for the road.

Baby, I can’t wait to get back home!

We juggle all our hopes and dreams

With a million responsibilities

Now and then we drop the ball

We lean sometimes but we never fall

Look at me!

Look at you!

Look at all that we’ve been through

With a lot of love and a little luck.

So far it’s been so good.

Cross your fingers, knock on wood, and pray,

And, if it helps, go and throw a dollar in the wishing well.

It ain’t always laughs and smiles,

But the carousel just ain’t our style.

The roller coaster suits us fine.

Boy, the ups and downs, livin’ up the ride!

Look at me!

Look at you!

Look at all that we’ve been through

With a lot of love and a little luck.

So far it’s been so good.

Cross your fingers, knock on wood, and pray.

Oh, and, if it helps, go and throw a dollar in the wishing well!

Oh, let a hundred pennies fall,

Splash and send up all our dreams to heaven!

Oh, oh, look at me!

Look at you!

Look at all that we’ve been through

With a lot of love and a little luck.

So far it’s been so good!

Cross your fingers, knock on wood and pray!

Oh, and if it helps, throw a dollar in the wishing,

Throw another dollar in the wishing,

Throw a dollar in the wishing well!

Oh, oh, in the wishing well!

Wishing Well

JoDee Messina


Meant To Be

There are all sorts of issues that should have torn us apart, yet here we still stand. We were definitely meant to be.

Carry on, all. Enjoy your “Valentine’s Day” if that’s what you do.

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Most people I know hate going to the dentist. Roy and I are no exception, but we both do it when we have to and can pay some of the hefty costs, because we’d like to have teeth as opposed to lose them all. However, we’ve not had good luck with our dentist since we moved up to Placerville in the Sierra foothills from Pleasanton in the San Francisco area.

Now, we’re fortunate in that we have dental insurance so our costs are generally fairly low, except for certain issues we both have with our own particular health that cause some of the copays to sometimes be a bit high. That’s ok. We generally will budget it in and work it out, because, like I say, we’d rather have teeth than the alternative.

Here’s a new one for us, particularly with the current medical insurance and health care climate the way it is. I had to cancel a dentist appointment the other day because of a conflict in my schedule. I had moved it previously … once when I was out of town at the last minute and once when our truck transmission went out and I couldn’t pay for the cleaning copay (~$430 for a “deep cleaning”). Anyway, I had to cancel again, this time due to a time and date conflict. I was going to reschedule as soon as I knew my calendar as I had the money budgeted in, but they pre-empted that and essentially “fired me” as a patient, because I “don’t respect their time”. LOL … ok … I contacted them a week and a half in advance to let them know so that they had plenty of time to schedule someone else. I suppose their dental business must be *BOOMING* right now … or not.

Anyway, they sent me a letter in the mail. They couldn’t even tell me when I cancelled this appointment … and they told my dental insurance carrier without my knowledge to change me “immediately” … because I don’t “respect them” … so the carrier DID change me … without contacting me, may I add … to a new provider … IN PLEASANTON, CA. Uhhhh … no … that won’t work. That is approximately 150 miles away from where I currently live. So I put in an online change request for a new provider in Placerville … and was advised that it won’t be effective until MARCH. Uhhhhh … no … wrong again, Slick. What am I supposed to do if there’s an emergency *NOW* … particularly since *I* am not the one that made the incorrect change in providers and I was not contacted directly about this? Expecting me to go 150 miles away to an area I do not live is completely unacceptable, don’t you think?

Like I’ve said before, Hollywood can’t make this stuff up.

This is laughable … and pathetic … all at the same time.

Only Roy and I can be “fired” by the dentist.

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