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“You messed up.  You read the paper.  You accidentally watched the news.  You inadvertently find yourself in the vicinity of the blues.  Bust your ass to get the good life!  You make a habit out of overtime.  When the big report card comes, your priorities are way outta line.  You need to go to ‘Summerzcool’, get to the beach, or at least in the pool.  Time to go to ‘Summerzcool’!  Remember what is and what is not cool.  Time out for bad behavior!  Time off!  You’ve been under the gun!  High time somebody told you it’s time to let those puppies run!  Wassup with this recession?  I refuse to participate.  The answer to your burnin’ question is dancing on your tailgate.  It’s time to go to ‘Summerzcool’.  Remember what is and is not cool.  Oh, ‘Summerzcool’!  There is a time and a place to act like a fool at ‘Summerzcool’.  Get your ass to the beach or at least to a pool!  At ‘Summerzcool’, know when to keep and to break all the rules.  Beer 101!  Sex 102!  Tune it in!  Turn it out!  That’s what I’m talkin’ about!  It’s time to go to ‘Summerzcool’.  The courses are easy, and there are no rules at ‘Summerzcool’.  Remember what is and is not cool!  You need to stay in ‘Summerzcool’.  This is the time and place to act like a fool.  Oh, ‘Summerzcool’!  Just know when to keep and to break all the rules.”  Jimmy Buffett




We have decided that ‘Summerzcool’ is occurring on the Grand Princess from San Francisco to Honolulu to Kauai to Hilo to Maui to Ensenada and back to San Francisco.  We’re off … as of today.  Maybe we’ll check in through their internet package … and maybe we won’t … but we’re SURE AS HELL gonna enjoy “Summerzcool” more than we ever enjoyed “Summer School” as kids.











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train of thought

Today is our first day of vacation.

We’re off for 3 wonderful weeks.

We need more times like this, which is why we continue to strive forward and attempt to build our own business and our own financial freedom, in spite of government intervention.







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Roy and I leave on vacation on Thursday.  Today is our last day of work for 3 weeks.  People that truly know us … know that we’ve been through financial and emotional and physical/medical *hell* the past few years.  Yet many keep saying we are “lucky” to be leaving on vacation … and “lucky” to be out of our hole.  They tell us how they wish they could go and how upset they are that they can’t.  While we don’t ever intend to be mean or obnoxious about it … we are blunt and to the point … and we are not in any sense “PC” … so … keep in mind this following statement as it is part and parcel of …

“Success Principles 101”.


Roy and I worked our frickin’ tails off to get where we are today.

We aren’t “lucky”.

We worked for it.





Carry on, all …






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We’re leaving on vacation within the next few days … and are looking forward to it immensely (plus we’ll be handling some of our private entrepreneurial business ventures while on the trip and that’s very exciting for us). So … when people try to tell us how “lucky” we are that we get to do this … here is our answer to them …


Remember … each person creates their own “luck”, no matter how much hell they may have gone through in the past.


Death of Important People


Legal Issues

Job Loss

Financial Issues

Medical Issues

Career Changes

Change of Address

Roy and I, with all we’ve been through (all listed above … plus more that are not yet discussed …), are prime examples.

Even when we were going through hell, we never ever EVER gave up.

Even when it looked like we’d never get through it, we never ever EVER gave up.


Make your own luck.


Good things come to those who WORK THEIR ASSES OFF.




Carry on, all.







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It’s a regular liberal paradise, let me tell you.

Isn’t that right?

Isn’t that right?

It sounds like a real treat to me (or not).

Thanks … but no, thanks … I’ll stick with my liberty.







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Roy and I were both taught, as we grew up, that to get anywhere in life,


I’ve talked about this before.

It is a success principle that is a “no brainer”.

However, most people don’t have the fortitude or the strength of character to actually do it and see it through NO MATTER WHAT.

A friend, business colleague, singer, and speaker put it this way:

“To have something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done .”  Curt Goad


Go for it.


Do it.

No matter what.







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free f-16s


What more can we add?

The current “regime” that is occupying the White House is more concerned about the citizenry than the Muslim Brotherhood.

That’s pretty scary right there.






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