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“She’s got an MBA and a plush corner office.

She’s got a ‘Don’t mess with me’ attitude.

She’ll close a deal she don’t reveal she can’t feel

The loneliness, the emptiness ‘cept when she comes in here,

And she’s a product of the ‘Me Generation’.

She’s got a rock and roll side when you get her agitated.

She’s got the tattoo there on her derriere from a spring break dare …

Hell, yeah!  Turn it up!  Right on!

Hell, yeah!  Sounds good!  Sing that song!

Guitar Man!  Play it all night long …”




(Well, I may not have that “plush corner office”, as I have a little cubicle at work … but … whatever …)

No one has ever figured me completely out.  Hell, I haven’t figured me completely out, so I don’t know why someone else might.  I come from an interesting mix of heritage, but that’s what makes me uniquely “American”.  Everyone has a different and unique heritage, and, at least in the past, this was an ok thing to have.  I hope in the current socio-economic climate, it stays that way.

I was born in the middle of the American Baby Boom generation in the suburbs of Los Angeles.  We moved all over the country, as my father was a corporate transferee, but essentially I was raised a suburban kid, with most of my time being in California.  I was schooled in the public schools back when they were good, and I graduated in 4 years from the University of California at Davis with 2 majors (International Relations with an emphasis on Political Science and Spanish).  I was aimed at the fast track into the corporate world or government analysis.  (I’ve done both, by the way, which is only in the “for what it’s worth” category, as it certainly didn’t get me fame and fortune.)



“She grew up in the city in a little subdivision.

Her daddy wore a tie.  Mama never fried a chicken.

Ballet, straight A’s, most likely to succeed …

After graduation, they sent her … for some higher education,

Put her on the fast track to a law degree.

Now she’s coming home to visit …

And she’s ridin in the middle of his pick-up truck,

Blarin’ Charlie Daniels, yellin’ ‘TURN IT UP’.

They raised her up a lady

But there’s one thing they couldn’t avoid.

Ladies love country boys …”




My suburban upbringing however does not define who I am at all.  I can’t really say that I *ever* felt like I “belonged” in the ‘burbs … and particularly not Southern California (although I do like my Beach Boys and Beatles, like most Baby Boomers).  I credit Roy for helping pull more of who I am out of me.  I was in the corporate world and the government service world, wearing my power suits, and rising through the ranks.



“She’s gone country.

Look at them boots.

She’s gone country,

Back to her roots.

She’s gone country,

A new kind of suit.

She’s gone country.

Here she comes …”




My father was born in eastern Colorado and raised in western Kansas before coming to California in the middle of the Great Depression, during the Dust Bowl years with his divorced mother (my paternal grandmother) and a younger sister.  {Read The Grapes of Wrath , and you’ll understand a bit better at least this part of my heritage.}  His father was a Kansas wheat farmer and a salt of the earth type of man (that’s the part of my family that came from a group of 7 brothers thrown out of Ireland in the 1600s and sent to “The New World” because they “didn’t fit in” … which seems to be a pattern in my life …).  Anyway, my father did not have an easy early life, but after enlisting in the Navy during World War 2 and then putting himself through the University of Southern California (USC) on the GI Bill in the late 1940s, he met and married my mother, a 2nd generation Southern California girl.  My mama however was not and is still not what Hollywood and the rest of the world considers a “California Girl”.  She’s descended from Big Gramma (see my prior posts) and, in the 40s, also went to USC and graduated with her degree, which was very rare for then.  She was a teacher while I grew up and later worked at Sears Roebuck & Co (back when that was a large retail giant), retiring as a store manager.



“I ain’t never had a problem with California.

There’s a lot of good women from Sacramento to Corona,

But them Hollywood types after a while wear on ya,

Struttin’ around in their size zero’s,

Skinny little girls, no meat on their bones,

Never even heard of George Jones!

Ain’t you glad we ain’t all California girls?

Ain’t you glad there’s still a few of us left

That know how to rock your world,

Ain’t afraid to eat fried chicken and dirty dance to Merle?

Ain’t you glad we ain’t all California girls? …




Well, anyway, my mama probably *can* wear a size zero (she’s a little bitty thing and feistier than most everyone put together and I love her dearly) and she’d *NEVER* dirty dance to Merle (*I*, on the other hand, would … in a heartbeat …) … but she sure isn’t afraid to eat fried chicken … THAT is for sure!

Anyway, again, I digress (see other posts … I may digress, but sooner or later, I’ll circle back to my topic at hand).

All of this background, however, has made me an interesting combination of personalities as a 3rd generation California girl and a Grapes of Wrath Dust Bowl descendant … among other things.  Maybe that’s why I like where I live so much now, in Northern California in the Gold Country / Mother Lode.  I live out in the sticks, up a dirt road, in the hills.  I’d like to think I’m a country girl but I’ve got “city” and “suburbs” mixed in … and I work on Capitol Mall, 2 blocks from the State Capitol Building in Sacramento as a government analyst.

My mixture confuses everyone (not to mention my relatives in particular).



“Well, I ain’t never been the Barbie Doll type.

No, I can’t swig that sweet champagne.

I’d rather drink beer all night

In a tavern or in a honky tonk or on a 4 wheel drive tailgate …

Cuz I’m a red neck woman.

I ain’t no high class broad.

I’m just a product of my raisin’ …

So here’s to all my sisters out there keepin’ it country.

Let me get a big ‘HELL YEAH’

from the red neck girls like me …”




Maybe my whole point with this is to say … I truly relate to the following song … because my parents raised me with good family values.  I’m sorry to see so many people have abandoned those.



“Clear creeks and cool mountain mornings;

Honest work out in the field;

Cornbread in my mama’s kitchen;

Daddy sayin’ grace before the meal;

Family ties run deep in this land;

And I’m never very far from what I am.

I was born country, and that’s what I’ll always be,

Like the rivers and the woodlands, wild and free.

I got 100 years of downhome, runnin’ through my blood.

I was born country, and this country’s what I love.”





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Hypocrite.  Racist.  Intolerant. Selfish.  It’s really funny to us how these words are bantered about these days.  Quite honestly, Roy and I are sick and tired of it.  The name-calling is what continues to enforce it.  If we don’t tacitly agree with the opinions of the “sheeple” of this world at all turns, we get called names and then get told we’re “hypocrites” for not wanting to be around the people involved.  We guess we’re supposed to take personal attacks but not supposed to defend ourselves against them.  We’re supposed to just take it and smile.

Well, guess what?  Neither of us does that well.

Here’s our overall viewpoint.  People have differing opinions.  That’s ok.  We’re all individuals, and we’re all entitled, at least for the time being, to having those differing opinions (unless BO, the USA’s self-anointed “Dictator-in-Cheat”, chooses to limit that freedom also like he’s so intent on doing to everything else we hold near and dear).  We however refuse to embody the “sheeple mentality” like people keep trying to force on us. 

We’ll put it this way:  we don’t agree with anything Barack Obama believes in.  We don’t give a rat’s ass if he’s black, white, purple, or green with orange polka dots.  We don’t vote or make decisions based on color, ethnicity, or socio-economic background.  We vote and make decisions based on the individual’s beliefs and choices.  So this is what we have to say here:  WE DO NOT AGREE WITH BARACK OBAMA’S SOCIALIST/MARXIST AGENDA.  PERIOD!!!!!! 

Additionally, we don’t know about others, but we at least don’t want to be around people who like to start name-calling like little kids do when they get mad that someone might not agree with them … like toddlers who stomp their feet and yell “Meanie!” when they don’t get their way.

If the “sheeple” have a different opinion than us, that’s fine.  Just do not try to force it our way.  We don’t play that game.

Anyway, it boils down to this:  the name-calling has to stop.  It only further fractures a populace that is already fractured to the breaking point.  Be respectful of differing opinions.  Allow “true” discussion.  Listen.  Ponder.  Make informed decisions.  Don’t make ultimatums or “take a hard line” like BO likes to do.  Everyone has valid points to offer and that need to be heard, acknowledged, and discussed.  We’re willing to listen to the other side if they are willing to hear and accept ours.

The name-calling has to stop.  It demeans the person doing it more than anyone else.


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In the 5 years since we got married, we’ve been through hell and back, sometimes ready to strangle each other but always having each other’s back. We decided that we really needed to celebrate this year … our 5th/10th anniversary.


Ok, so, we had margaritas and Mexican food last night for our anniversary. Tonight we’re celebrating our anniversary still and opened a yummy bottle of champagne given to us when we got married in 2007. Considering all of the … excuse the word used but it’s the only one even *vaguely* appropriate here … BULLSHIT that we’ve encountered and handled in the past years we’ve known each other, we decided we *deserved* it.

So. Hmm.

Like I’ve said before, we do not believe in coincidences. Period. Nope. Never. Not happenin’.

We opened the bottle. We popped the top. We toasted. The following song started on Roy’s DJ program:

“I beg your pardon. I never promised you a rose garden. Along with the sunshine, there’s gotta be a little rain sometime.” Lynn Anderson

OH MY GOD. We both laughed til we cried. It is so appropriate that I can’t even describe it.

Well, ok, yes, I can, & over time, I will.

When we met, we both said close to the same thing about ourselves which was pretty much … you get what you get around either one of us and each of our lives is like a rollercoaster. The past many years have been pretty much a rollercoaster beyond belief, but we both knew that the other was there *no matter what* … even when we were yelling at each other (who? us? yell? noooo …… not us …..)

Like we said, no one thought we’d last. There was no reason why we should have. Everything was against us.

However, 5 & 10 years later, we are stronger than ever. We know we have someone who will *always* have our back … truly “through thick and thin”.

So … I’ll end with this, which is the way it is with us. Just ask Kara.


“We’re like summer and winter. We’re not one bit alike. We’re like satin and cinders. I’m definitely not your type. Well, then, what are we doin’ in love? What are we doin’ in a mess like this? What are we doin’ in love? Why were you someone I couldn’t resist? What are we doin’ in love? We’re like paper and matches. We’ll probably have our share of fights. We’re like roses and switches. It’s gonna be hard, but we’ve got to try. So what are we doin’ in love? What are we doin’ in a mess like this? What are we doin’ in love and what are we gonna tell all our friends? You don’t have to like someone to love someone. That rule was made to be broken. But, if we have to say goodbye to a life we’ve gotten used to, what are we doin’ in love then? We’re like sun-up and sun-down. People say we’re never going to last, like uptown and downtown. You like it slow but I like it fast. What are we doin’ in love? What are we doin’ in a mess like this? What are we doin’ in love? What are we gonna tell all our friends? What are we doin’ in love? What are we doin’ in a mess like this? What are we doin’ in love? You were just someone I couldn’t resist. So that’s what we’re doin’ in love.” *WHAT ARE WE DOIN’ IN LOVE*, Kenny Rogers & Dottie West

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Relationships can be tenuous, particularly to those people that are older or that have been previously divorced (as have been Roy and I both). It’s hard to trust and/or love again.

We met online, as was mentioned in an original post, but not in the way most people would think. It was not in a chat room or a dating site. It was like a wrong number, where Roy tried to email a friend near Boston, Massachusetts, from his home near Portland, Maine, and got a wrong email address and emailed me near San Francisco, California. We became online friends, then face-to-face friends, then lovers, then husband & wife.

It started exactly 10 years ago yesterday with the first email. We got married exactly 5 years later on that same date. So yesterday was our 5th wedding anniversary and 10th “since we met” anniversary.

People thought it’d never last. They thought we would never survive 6 months, let alone 5 & 10 years.

We’ve been through some great times and some incredibly rough times together, times that most people would have never survived alone, let alone a fairly new 2nd marriage for us both (since we both swore we’d never get married again after our first marriages).

Yet here we are, our 5th anniversary being yesterday, stronger and tighter together than ever. We’ve proved them all wrong (including ourselves).

I love you, Roy.

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It really would be nice if people could be thankful for more than just these things in today’s socio-political economy.

Me?  I’m thankful that I will *NEVER* quit fighting for freedom from oppressive government intervention.

… happy happy HAPPY gobble gobble GOBBLE day in spite of it all …

I’ll enjoy *MY* Thanksgiving.  I hope you can all be thankful for something … even if you’re not celebrating “Thanksgiving” in the USA and are somewhere else in the world.

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This is Thanksgiving at its absolute *best*!!!


Have a happy happy HAPPY gobble gobble day!

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I’ve written a couple of things regarding my “Big Gramma” and her recipes. This one is for her *awesome* potato rolls. I make them for special times usually, but they can be any time, particularly if you like to make yeast breads and whenever you have leftover mashed potatoes. This recipe is again unique though, due to the history behind it.

Like I said, my Big Gramma was a strong-willed individual, very good at surviving whatever obstacle was put in her path. This recipe was built out of survival and used in the Great Depression and World War II, when people truly knew how to survive and didn’t expect or want free government handouts, because they wanted to make it *on their own* without intervention by the government (like I was raised to do). It was when milk, butter, eggs, and sugar were a rare commodity, so they learned to stretch what little they did get into good hearty filling foods.

I generally make this recipe into rolls but I’ve done it into a loaf of bread also and it works well. If you want it to look “fancy”, make it into “cloverleaf” (my favorite: see picture above) or “Parker House” styles. It’s a hearty but airy bread or roll with a *lot* of flavor and can be made the day you eat it or several days in advance and frozen or refrigerated or kept in a bread box for later use. My kids love them and pigged out on them when little.

So … here you go … trying to measure as best I can, since I make them by “eyeballing” it (as I was taught to do when learning to cook).


It’s not a real sensitive/exact recipe … but don’t substitute the types of ingredients, or it’ll not work right.


Big Gramma’s Potato Rolls

1 c warm mashed potatoes
1 c cooled potato water
1 pkg or cake of yeast
1/2 c canned evaporated milk (*not* sweetened condensed)
1/3 c shortening
1/3 c sugar
1 beaten egg
1 tsp salt
5 c flour (approximately)

-boil potatoes
-reserve water when potatoes are soft enough to mash
-mash potatoes to eat but keep out 1 c of mashed potatoes for this recipe (the rest can be used in your regular meal)
-dissolve yeast in the water that the potatoes were boiled in when it is lukewarm
-lightly whisk together all ingredients except flour
-add about 5 cups of flour till stiff enough to knead
-knead till smooth and elastic
-let rise til double
-punch down
-make into rolls or loaf as desired
-let rise till double
-bake at 325 about 12 – 15 minutes for rolls





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I’ll start with this:  for those of you that do not wish to deal with anything political, delete at will, but that should show you at least your unwillingness to really see what is going on in the current socio-political environment and to really understand why so many are so angry.

After the recent elections, some people have told me that they have a right to vote for who they think is best for the country … which … since they will already know my politics … of course means that they voted for BO and took the cowardly way out by not wanting to directly admit their unfathomable-to-me at least reasoning … so … here is my answer to them … so far.  This list is just the tip of the iceberg … imagine what could be added if I pull up additional research!  It makes it very difficult for me to consider these people as “American” or as “friends”.  I thank a good friend of mine for putting much of this together … and I have added some additional …


Of course you have the right to vote for whomever you want … for the time being at least … and I am at liberty to be totally and completely disgusted by the lack of knowledge and/or the unwillingness to research and/or the desire to fundamentally change the laws of the United States of America (at least my utter disgust isn’t outlawed yet either … but I repeat … yet …).

You have a right to vote for whomever you want, but make no mistake, you voted for the guy who was caught on a live mic and video whispering to Russian leader, Medevich, when asked when he would lower American missile defenses, “Tell Putin I can be more flexible after the election.”

You voted for the guy who killed the Poland missile defense system even though Poland was begging us to complete it. (The Russians are very happy about this, by the way.)

You voted for the guy who stopped off-shore drilling off the coast of Texas, causing deep sea rigs to leave the country while sending American taxpayer money to Brazil so THEY could drill off-shore.  I guess that makes sense.  I mean … that way *THEY* can make money off of us … and we can become more and more broke and more and more dependent …

You voted for the guy who stopped the Keystone Pipeline, not for the good of the country or to help us with energy independence, but for political reasons.

You voted for the guy who said, ON VIDEO, that under this administration, “gasoline prices would necessarily skyrocket.”  Do *YOU* have the money to pay for the skyrocketing gas prices?  I don’t.

You voted for the guy who TWICE voted as a senator not only to allow late term abortions, but that if a later term abortion baby had the audacity to survive a botched abortion, it cannot be given any medical aid to survive … because, after all, it was meant to be aborted and wasn’t supposed to live.  Would you do that to a PUPPY ... much less a child?

You voted for the guy who signed the largest tax hike in American history, the Obamacare “Affordable” (what a laugh … affordable for WHO?) Healthcare Bill THAT NEITHER HE NOR THE CONGRESS READ.  They didn’t read it!  They didn’t READ it!  THEY DIDN’T READ IT!  Nancy Pelosi went on TV telling Congress, “You have to PASS THE BILL TO KNOW WHAT IS IN IT.”  HUH??  She doesn’t know how to read it in advance?  *NO ONE* knows how to read it in advance?  PLEASE!!!  Is there anything more immoral?  A bill that takes over 1/3 of the entire US budget AND NO ONE READ IT … but BO signed it.

You voted for the guy whose proposed budgets each and every single solitary year of his “presidency” have not even been accepted by HIS OWN PARTY.  No one wanted BO’s budget, and the Democrat-run Senate HAS NOT PUT FORTH A BUDGET IN 3½ YEARS … and they will not even discuss the Republican House budgets put forth year after year after year.

You voted for the guy who has built up so much class warfare that it is beyond comical.  When did it become a crime to be successful?  Why does BO never remind people about the financial RISK that entrepreneurs take starting and running a business?  One of Roy’s and my businesses will be closed soon, because we cannot handle the tax burden placed on us any longer.  Since when did making $200,000 make you a millionaire … and how moral is it for PEOPLE TO VOTE FOR SOMEONE ELSE  TO PAY MORE AND MORE INCOME TAXES WHEN THE PEOPLE VOTING PAY NO INCOME TAXES?

You voted for the guy who told the *Amish* … a very peace-able and non-threatening people … that they can no longer sell non-pasteurized milk among themselves, even though they have successfully done this for 300 years.

You voted for the guy who has MANDATED that religious organizations must fund abortions and pay for their employees’ birth control pills, instead of telling folks to not work for a religious organization unless *they* are prepared to PAY FOR THEIR OWN ABORTIONS AND THEIR OWN BIRTH CONTROL.  NO ONE is saying that they can’t have them … just PAY for them themselves.  See, I think BO should MANDATE that PETA pay for each of its employees’ hunting licenses and that BO should MANDATE that health food stores pay for their employees to go to McDonald’s and buy junk food.  That makes as much sense as the mandated healthcare rules for religious organizations.  Well … maybe it makes *MORE* sense …

You voted for the guy who supported Occupy Wall Street (the folks who burned cities, had rapes and murders in their camps, trashed their towns costing millions of tax-payer dollars to clean up, called for the collapse of the system and the destruction of capitalism, and claimed death to Jews and “eat the rich”) WHILE BO CALLED THE TEA PARTY “TEA BAGGERS”, the folks who peacefully protested three things: unsustainable debt, large government intrusion, unconstitutional laws.  That’s it … that is the tea party message … from tea party members who are small business owners, farmers, doctors, and middle America at its best, with as many as 1.8 million people at a rally WITH ZERO FIGHTS, WITH ZERO ARRESTS, AND WITH EACH RALLY SITE LEFT CLEANER THAN THEY FOUND THEM.  However, the President of the United States calls these citizens “Tea Baggers.”  No … I’m sorry … I can’t call him “President”.  He’s not presidential material and never can be and never has been.  He’s merely the occupier of the White House put in by the foolish that are looking for Santa Claus to give them everything they want but not make them do anything in return.

You voted for the guy who supports the SEIU … the same SEIU whose bosses were CAUGHT ON VIDEO TAPE saying their goal, via Occupy Wall Street, was to collapse the system.

You voted for the guy who supports ACORN, that “community group” CAUGHT ON TAPE helping would-be loan applicants BRING UNDERAGED GIRLS into the country to be PROSTITUTES.  Guess what?  *THAT* IS CALLED HUMAN TRAFFICKING.  You voted to support this sort of thing.  That’s just immoral and disgusting.

You voted for the guy who, when asked by his blind followers why “flyover America” doesn’t like him, said ON TAPE, “Because they are bitter, they cling to their Bibles and their guns.”

You voted for the guy who has so many Marxist friends, associates, and family members that if BO had wanted to be an FBI agent, HE WOULD NOT PASS THE BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION.

You voted for the guy who hired self-proclaimed Marxist, Van Jones, to be “green czar” and hired Cas Sustein and Valerie Jarred … and who opened his campaign IN THE HOME of bomber Bill Ayers (who on Sept 11, 2001 said he was still not sorry he bombed the Pentagon and police stations.)

You voted for the guy who has family, friends, and mentors like card-carrying Communist Frank Marshal Davis, Prof Said, “Reverand” Jeremiah Wright, and others who all think America is the bad guy in the world … ALL DOCUMENTED IN THEIR OWN WORDS.

You voted for the guy who *STILL* WON’T SHOW AMERICA ANY OF HIS COLLEGE TRANSCRIPTS, COLLEGE ADMISSION RECORDS, NOR HIS THESIS, but he was derisive of Mr. Romney.  Yeah, that shows class.  That shows “transparency” like he liked to claim the FIRST time he ran for office.  Oh wait … no … it doesn’t show class at all … but that’s no surprise to me either.

You voted for the guy who told PRESIDENT Bush that it was “immoral” to run up a half a trillion dollars in debt while he, BO, has given us an additional TRILLION DOLLARS OF DEBT EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY YEAR OF HIS PRESIDENCY.  WE ARE NOW AT 16 TRILLION DOLLARS OF DEBT and headed to $22 TRILLION!!!!!  Remember: he did this without EVER working with the Republican House and their proposed budgets year after year … while the Democrat Senate proposed NO budget … year after year. 

You voted for the guy who while the country has been crashing under his policies has been having extravagant parties (extravagant even on a presidential scale) and who even tried to keep his 2009 Halloween party secret so the American people wouldn’t see him partying at truly absurd levels, costing taxpayers ridiculous amounts of money.

You voted for the guy who continually insults self-made business owners for being “Fat Cats” while his wife wears $500 tennis shoes to tour a homeless shelter and goes on EXTRAVAGANT vacations while he plays more golf than anyone I know.  BO has spent his life SPENDING TAXPAYER MONEY while insulting self-made business folks WHO HAVE THE AUDACITY TO SPEND THEIR OWN MONEY.

You voted for the guy who said ON VIDEO that he intended to “cripple the coal industry” … and so he has … even though the USA gets … what? … ALMOST 1/3 OF ITS POWER FROM COAL … and meanwhile CHINA PUTS A NEW COAL PLANT ON LINE EVERY TWO WEEKS.

You voted for the guy who hired an energy advisor CAUGHT ON TAPE saying that $5 or $6 a gallon gas was a good thing, because it helps artificially make electric cars look good.  I notice *NONE* of you that are touting his virtues drive an electric car … probably for the same reasons no one else wants one.  They are too expensive, too unreliable, and entirely too dangerous, as they have been electrocuting people during and after car wrecks. 

You voted for the guy who GAVE HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF OUR MONEY to CORRUPT AND INCOMPETENT GREEN COMPANIES who it turns out had BO donors at the helms.  

You voted for the guy who literally STOLE money from the legitimate stockholders of GM and GAVE THAT MONEY TO THE GM UNIONS … and gave GM billions in taxpayers’ dollars that we will never see again … and then LIED by saying that if GM went through normal bankruptcy all the employees would lose their jobs.  Tell me: while damn near every single airline has gone through bankruptcy, have all of their employees lost their jobs?   There is a REASON why bankruptcy law exists.  There are CONTRACTS that stockholders expect to be upheld, but BO DENIED THE STOCKHOLDERS their rights so he could protect the unions. 

You voted for the guy behind Fast and Furious.  Have you paid enough attention to the news to know what this is really about?  The friends I used to know would have.  Fast and Furious is where BO and his cronies ran guns INTO Mexico to drug cartel members WITHOUT TRACKERS ON THE GUNS TO FOLLOW THEM AND WITHOUT THE MEXICAN GOVERNMENT’S PERMISSION which thus ended up getting Mexicans and US Border Patrol Agents killed.  THEN THE ADMINISTRATION GOT CAUGHT WITH AN EMAIL ABOUT FAST AND FURIOUS IN WHICH THE ADMINISTRATION OFFICALS WERE TALKING ABOUT HOW FAST AND FURIOUS COULD BE USED TO HELP CURB AMERICAN’S *2ND AMENDMENT* GUN RIGHTS!

You voted for the guy who said he would close Gittmo and never did. 

You voted for the guy who despised President Bush for water-boarding foreign terrorists caught on the battlefield WHILE BO HAS CREATED HIS OWN AUTHORITY TO KILL ANYONE,  INCLUDING AMERICAN CITIZENS,  WITH A “KILL LIST” … and he is using it.

I’ve seen and/or spoken to a lot of you … and you all have shown a real lack of curiosity about what happened in Benghazi.  There is so much we don’t know, BUT HERE IS WHAT WE DID KNOW … *BEFORE* THE ELECTION:

  1. For months before the September 11, 2012 attack, Ambassador Stevens had been asking for more security and was denied.
  2. The morning of the September 11 attack, Ambassador Stevens sent a cable saying he was highly concerned about the security of the Consulate, because he could see Libyan police conducting surveillance of the US compound with binoculars.
  3. The attack came in two waves over A 7 HOUR PERIOD which was *plenty* of time to send assault-ready help.  If the President had been in that compound, would we have sent assault-ready help?  Consulates are American soil.  If the attack had happened in … oh … say … California … or … Illinois … would Washington have sent help?  7 DAMN HOURS!!!!!
  4. When the attack started, alarms were immediately sent to Washington and were received, and BO was informed within the first hour of the attack.
  5. The US sent an unarmed drone to WATCH the attack, and when it started to run out of fuel, THEY SENT A SECOND UNARMED DRONE FROM ITALY, so they could CONTINUE TO “WATCH”.  WATCH?  Are you freaking **KIDDING** me?
  6. Men, including Tyrone Woods, a former Navy Seal – current contractor with the CIA – were at the CIA safe house one mile from the consulate and also received the notice of the attack and could hear the attack happening *live* and ASKED THREE TIMES FOR PERMISSION TO GO HELP BUT WERE TOLD TO STAND DOWN.   Finally, not able to stand it anymore, Woods and at least one other defied orders and went to help in the attack.  NOTE:  Several of the people saved that night told Wood’s father that his son, Tyrone, had saved their lives, and, without him, they would have died.  
  7. We know that the US had capable assault teams in proximity.  We know the British had capable assault teams in the area that were never called.  We know that Tyrone Woods died in the SIXTH HOUR OF THE ATTACK!
  9. We know that Hilary Clinton personally told (this is with direct criminal intent) Tyrone Wood’s father (while Tyrone’s casket was arriving home from Benghazi), “I assure you, Mr. Woods, we will arrest and prosecute the person who made this film!” … ALL THE WHILE KNOWING THE FILM WAS NOT THE REASON FOR THE ATTACK … all the while apologizing to the Muslim world for our first amendment right of free speech … FREE SPEECH … even when that includes criticizing a religion.  Tell me, when was the last time you cared if anyone criticized the Catholic Church?  “Free speech” … right?  RIGHT?????

How much lying by these fools are you willing to stand?

Now … go back through this list of things and replace BO’s name with Bush’s name and see if you would not be furious with this group of criminals *and* with a deluded and foolish electorate if Bush had done these things … even *ONE* of these things … too furious to vote for him and too furious to ever support what is being done to this country.

What you and I are willing to stand for puts us on total and complete opposite ends of the spectrum.  I don’t care if you’re a “friend” … if you’re “family” … if you’re “famous” … if you’re “in power” … if you’re someone I’ve known a long time, a short time, or not at all.  Like I’ve said, I have the right to be completely disgusted by it all … disgusted by an electorate so short-sighted that they overlook BO’s lying to vote for free handouts.

Remember … Hitler came to power through people too afraid to speak up and too sold on the Big Lie.

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I know the reaction most people have when they hear “fruit cake”. They think “hard-as-a-brick Christmas cake” that lasts forever and no one eats. They haven’t had my … or more to the point, Big Gramma’s … Fruit Cake. Bear with me please and read through this and *TRY* it. It’s awesome, like Big Gramma. Just take my word for it but do *not* try to adjust it because it will not work right.

Fruit Cake

-2 c flour
-1/8 tsp ground cloves
-1 & 1/2 tsp cinnamon
-1 c applesauce (I use homemade)
-1 tsp nutmeg
-1/4 tsp salt
-1 c sugar
-1 egg
-1/2 c shortening (not oil, butter, and margarine)
-1 tsp baking powder
-1/2 tsp baking soda
-1 c raisins
-1 lb either candied fruit or dried fruit bits (I use dried fruit bits/chunks because I don’t like candied fruit chunks)
-1 small jelly glass-full (which is about 5-6 ozs) of preserves (do *not* use grape because it overpowers the flavor)
-1 heaping tblsp full of unsweetened cocoa powder
-1 c walnuts (optional)

*Combine. Put fruit, raisins, and nuts in last.
*Grease and flour large loaf pan.
*Bake in loaf pan @ 250-275 degrees for 1-2 hours.
*When inserted knife comes out clean, take out of oven.
*When cooled, invert on rack til room temperature.
*Wrap in a clean old rag soaked in brandy or bourbon (*NOT* wine). I prefer the flavor that brandy gives. I also use a *lot* of brandy, but that’s a matter of preference. You can do it very lightly too, but some is needed to help “cure” it.
*Wrap cloth tightly and securely in plastic.
*Wrap plastic tightly in foil.
*Put foil wrapped loaf in cool dark spot for at least a month. (I usually make it when I’m doing my Thanksgiving baking so it’s ready for Christmas.)

Yum yum YUM!!!!!! Put out at Christmas and *enjoy*!

I made this a few days ago. It’s now tucked safely on a shelf in a closet.

Big Gramma’s recipes are the best!

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“Home grown” recipes are my specialty. In particular, we like the ones that aren’t for the “fancy-schmancy, ritzy-ditzy, artsy-fartsy” snobs and the foodies who think they’re full of culture, when really all they are full of is themselves. (Now let me tell you how I *really* feel.)


The types of food Roy and I like are basic homey down-to-earth things, like I’ve said before. I also love Thanksgiving and Christmas cooking, because it’s warm and traditional, the kind of cooking of my mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.

My predecessors were, like I’ve said before, rugged individualists. They came here from overseas to better themselves and to have a better life. They left for the midwest, for California, and away from a stifling life. They brought with them recipes they adjusted to new climates but with a very traditional feel.

One of these ancestors was my maternal great grandmother … or “Big Gramma” as all her great-grandchildren called her. Now I’ll clarify that by saying “Big” didn’t mean physically big as she was approximately 4’10” & not by any sense of the imagination fat. She was “Big Gramma” because she was the “Chief” gramma, with my grandmother (my mother’s mother) the next in line. There was a hierarchy so-to-speak. What can I say? We were young and it’s how our minds worked.

Big Gramma was awesome. She died at the age of 87 in the mid-1960s, married to her 3rd husband, Grampa Joe. My blood-related great-grandfather died when my mother was 5, so I never knew him, but they had moved to California around 1904 for more opportunity and a better life. Her family was *directly* descended from Rob Roy and had been in America since the 1700s. They moved to Southern California when the Transcontinental Railroads were completed and safely operating, operating an olive farm in the Central Valley of California for a long time, later moving to the Los Angeles area. They lived there (and I was born there) well before the LA urban decline, before it turned into “LaLaLand”, destroyed by the Hollywood elitists and their cronies. She was widowed and on her own in a time when women had no opportunity and she began and ran a retail baby products shop and was able to retire comfortably. She was always dressed to the nines, like a “lady” should be, & she never understood why my cousins and I liked to tan on the beaches of So Cal (or for me, as tan as this green-eyed, freckled, fair-skinned, red-haired female could ever be) because in Big Gramma’s upbringing, only field hands were tanned, and “ladies” should not be working in the sun or tan.

Times do change.

She was Christian to the core. She didn’t drink alcohol unless required for certain medicinal purposes or for certain recipes. She loved to play cards (Canasta and Pinochle in particular) and she hated to lose, so she’d do whatever it took to win, even against her great-grandchildren.

She was *awesome*.

I’ll return to my topic at hand.

She’s where I got many of my recipe measurement terms (see prior posts) … 3 glugs, a pinch, a sprinkle, a hand-full, a jelly glass full, etc. She’s one of the people who taught me to cook. She’s one of the ones where I got my love of basic home-grown, down-to-earth foods. This is all part of my history.

This is also from whom my next recipe posted originates.

Big Gramma.

Minnie was her name.

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